Wednesday, March 07, 2007

These are a few of my favourite (forgotten) things...

There are things that you've left behind that you wish you din't...

like summer holidays...

like being treated to icecream on the day the last exam is over...

like borrowing books from Raviraj lending library...

like drawing the kolam early morning...

like listening to Thenkachi Ko.Swaminathan's Indru Oru Thagaval on radio before you went to school...

like travelling by cyclerickshaw...

like riding a cycle with friends...

like playing kho-kho, paandi and that step game...what was it- bank, river, water, sea, play, run...

like complaining about shenaii music that plays on DD when some important personnage has kicked it and the nation is mourning...

like watching national award winning movies on TV at night...

like burying your head in books and surfacing only to eat...

like having holidays on election days, though you have nothing to do...

like not having to worry about tomorrow...

like not having to worry about calories when eating...

like eating hot pooris as soon as you get home from school - with jam!

like playing outside in the evenings...

like celebrating childrens' day and teachers' day...

like getting messy with the 'sweet kozhukkatai' pooram on Vinayaka Chaturthi...

like painstakingly lighting lamps every night in Karthigai...

It's such a pity there's no getting back to all this...

tell me, what do you miss most about your childhood...

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Anonymous Jay said...

yaay.. this time me first..

playing cricket all through the weekends..

lying face down on the sofa and reading all the magazines and books that I could get hands on...

hearing subrabatham every morning from the near by temple..

tasting early morning sankara pongal from temples during december winter holidays..

late night group study...

reading sunday hindu to improve my english..

waking up for an alarm clock to watch cricket on tv played in australia :-)

diwali thattai that my mom makes..In phoenix I get only burgers :-(

having coffee in Nilgiris and chatting for hours together with friends..

searching for rajesh kumar crime novels in the nearby library..

never ending list I guess..


2:32 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

Is this a meme/tag, Rums? :)If yes, i'll put it up on my blog!

4:29 pm

Blogger Rajaram S said...

"like borrowing books from Raviraj lending library"
This gave a very strong Deja-vu !! from more than 15 yrs back :-)

4:51 pm

Blogger None said...


intha diwali unga address kodunga, phoenix la, thattai parcel anuparen... :)


4:58 pm

Blogger None said...




T.Nagar vasiyo?


4:58 pm

Blogger kS said...

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be!

My favs from school days are:

1. Karate class early morning

2. Football in the evening (and coming home every evening with muddy school uniform, though my mother never scolded me!)

3. Siddartha Basu quiz show (Derek O'Brien doesn't cut it for me)

4. Tendulkar on TV

5. Ven pongal for evening tiffin

6. Roaming on sundays all around tambaram-chromepet-velacherry areas on cycle



8:33 pm

Anonymous drragonn ::-:: said...

Desperately missing even now Quarterly , half yearly, Pongal and Annual holidays ...

Reading borrowed Gokulam, Champak

Finishing off with heavy heart holiday homework

Missing the line of tress along the highways while going to native place......

3:25 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like having birthday parties and more importantly eyeing the presents.
Like Doordarshan's Sunday morning telecast.
Like waiting to get home to exhibit a fashion parade of the the new clothes you bought a while ago.
Like delights of having 2 rupees for buying a ice candy.
Like games period in school though you are hardly categorized as doing any sport.
Like painstakingly polishing your shoes and packing your bag before going to bed on Sunday.
Like carrying lunchbox and waterbottle.

Rajee :)

4:13 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm...if im REALLY missing something, its sitting with my father and brother on the compound wall, and talking silly things...

- I miss having pets ...having no cat/dog to cuddle and kiss is AWFUL! (well, ok, I have a pup cum kitten, still....)

- summer holidays, and perfecting the art of doign nothing!

- childhood! I simply miss childhood!

Ramya! But why did you make me do this now? MORE homesick that Ive been all day! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH..............

2:28 am

Blogger None said...


on the other hand, nostalgia is what it used to be! ennavo enakku pongal nale allergy... never liked it!


champak! wow! and tinkle and supandi... :)


:) one thing I seriously DONT miss is going around taking chocolates in a box from class to class to give the teachers! i died every time i had to do that! :)


:) dont worry, be happy!


9:00 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

Like talking about Shivaji's supremacy over MGR in acting and Gary Sobers's exploits.

Like rehearsing Sir Winston Churchill's wartime speeches ( Mark Antony's oration had become hackneyed now)in the bathroom.

Like reading a book even while enjoying A.M.Raja's music ( Pattu padava, Parandhuchellava - Then nilavu & Thanimayilay inbam kanamudiyuma - Aadiperukku).

Like waiting for Mom to take out the fifth "Adai" from the "Dosaikal" ( traces of gluttony is discernible even now).

10:41 pm

Anonymous Jay said...

kandipa address kodukuren.. parcel marandhuradheenga -:)


3:47 am

Blogger None said...


yeah, adai! that's a good thought!


u have my word!


5:43 pm

Blogger kS said...


You is missing the pun about nostalgia !

How is life these days? Any new trips?

9:08 pm

Anonymous Ramkumar said...

1. During diwali, spreading a news paper on the floor, adding karaboondhi, omapodi,arisi muttai on that and mixing it.
2. During Vinayaka chadurthi, mom applying oil on my hands and my sisters hands and asking us to roll the kolukattais.

3.Reading censored books in (class X holidays)with my friend chiku.Book borrowed from a college going "Anna"

4.The Kuchi ice from Thallu vandis.

5.Sreerangam koil murukku.

6.Soan papdi that comes like a marble slab.

7.Travelling 10 Kms on my cycle to just visit the street where my "Crush" used to live. INfact, i have never spoken to her.

8.Wearing the diwali everyday dress b4 diwali and seeing if it fits well.

9.calling the passers by as if there is a danger and screaming "Wheel Suthudhu" from our school bus.

10.screaming at the DD Director for stopping all programs and playing the shenoi music when someone passes away.

11.Tinkle, Chanda mama, Gokulam and later Young World.

12. The "vayathukulla Butterflies" that i used to get when my crush smiles at me.

10:18 am

Blogger None said...


no no, i get the pun! i thot it was rather a nice one!
am off to australia for a bit next month... otherwise, just the same...


ippo ponnunga paathu siricha butterflies varatha? approm vera enna varum?! :)


4:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have seen the worst of the woman with my ex. So its only bitter flies and not butterflies.

7:51 pm

Blogger Aravind said...

adding some more...

1)playing with the small piece of chapathi dough when chapathi/poori was made.
2)cycling back fast to home to catch up with super human samurai cyber squad,jaldi jaldi all those 4 pm shows in DD-2.
3)watching non stop nonsense -didi's comedy show,giant robot,stone boy,street hawk,knight rider.
4)slow cycle game within a small boundary.
5)WWF trump card game.

7:18 am

Blogger dipa said...

I miss all the stuff that you guys said plus
i miss listening to my dad playing the veena and we girls identifying the ragas
i miss going playing on the hopping stage
i miss wearing the pattu pavada chattais
i miss my aunt's early morning music class
i miss having holidays
i miss having sundays as no school or rather no work days
i miss sitting on hte open terrace and shooing away teh crows from the vadams
i miss being my parents' daughter and waiting for my dad to come back home from office just to open a pack of milk bikies
i never had any friends so i dont miss any of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1:49 pm


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