Thursday, February 22, 2007


I hate being not given an option. For instance, while I'd like to sign in with old Blogger, it no longer is possible. I've just been rudely shoved out of my old Blogger login and forced to sign in with Gmail everytime.
My point is, if I want to sign in with Gmail, then won't I? When you make it possible for me to do that, why take away my right to sign in as I'm used to. What's in a name, what does it matter how I sign. Technology, I thought, was meant to enlarge your options, not shrink them.

I've been away too long...

*** *** ***

I've finished reading Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra, the Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desi and I'm reading Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul. Again, things have changed, it's not as if I can pick up a book and forget the world. There are household chores and then, there is work. I get only to read in snatches, but those snatches have been very good. Sacred Games is racy and clever, Desai's attention to detail makes her an author after my own heart and I rather like Pamuk's melacholic nostalgia. I've seldom read anyone write with such feeling about a city.

*** *** ***

If you want a good read, then check out Pramod's. Even before I linked up, I knew I'd enjoy it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm first!

V.Chandra u say? Shall give it a the Loss, abso brilliant work, deserved all the praise! And tell me about reading in snatches! I do it all the, I (cleverly!) carry a huge hand-bag, and shove the book in...this way, I get to read on the school-run, in the doc's waiting room...everywhere!

Where's the promised story? Please post! Been ages!


6:32 pm

Blogger kS said...

hahaha.. the same goes for flickr. You have to use yahoo accounts to enter flickr now.

There is the ease of technology and then there is the indoctrination by the business.

8:41 pm

Blogger arvindiyer said...

Tell me about it.. Been cursing the damn thing for a few weeks now.. Ended up eating up all my comments and my old template!!!
Anyways, great to be back in the blog world...How u doin?

10:53 am

Blogger Mahadevan said...

Are not our cricketers wearing Sahara Logo, even if they are Vijay Mallaya admirers? Dr.Naraynamurthy nonchallently drinks coffee in a Wipro Cup.In Google's blogdom, Gmail is the guiding force.

I read the reviews of both the Vikram books and also some extracts. I would rate God of Small Things above 'Inheritance of Loss' may be because I am more familiar with Kerala culture.

2:29 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

Totally agree about blogger forcing me to move onto the new one. I dont WANT to sign in with my gmail account but I dont have a choice! They should have left it to folks to decide whether or not to move over. Pah!

re the books, havent read any of them. I'm going to reserve them at my local library now. I know what you mean about having to read in snatches... not enough time in workday life to do any decent reading *sigh*

6:58 pm

Blogger Yuva said...

if I may -- dude, you should catalog books at LibraryThing

and if you like Sacred Games then you would like like Maximum city: Bombay lost and found by Suketu Mehta


2:34 am

Blogger Lotus Reads said...

Ramya, lovely to see you back, have missed you!!!

I know what you mean when you say it's difficult to make time to read - I'm in the same boat. So glad you're enjoying "Sacred Games", I'm in the middle of another 'chunkster' - "Shantaram". I'm about halfway through, so I might do a short post on it, dunno yet.

So glad you're enjoying "Istanbul". Oft late there has been a spurt of, what I like to call, city biographies - "Lahore" by Pran Neville, "Maximum City" by Suketu Mehta and so many others whose titles escape me at the moment.

Will check out Pramod's blog.

6:47 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ramya!!!
read in snatches ...have ur word completely. even blogs, posts n comments I do in snatches :(


11:42 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,
Great to see you back. How are you doing. Seem to be quite busy these days. Take care.

4:21 pm

Blogger None said...


certainly chandra...


that's right. that's also what i don't like! :)


hey, how are u?! been a really long while... hibernating or what?? ur dad's doing better?
do mail, man.


o.k. but i, on the other hand, don't believe in rating one book over another. the way i look at it, each book gives me a new experience, just some more pleasant than others...


tell me about it. what happened to the good times? i'm in a mind to write a post on that... :(


yeah, have. ordered suketu mehta and included books!


hey, i finished shantaram ages ago. after ages, may i add. bulk certainly doesnt lend itself to snatched reading moments... :( but then, the man takes his time getting to the point... it's his style alright, but I thought sometimes he overdid the description - scatalogical ref. for one?!

but, what dyu think?


keep commenting on my blog in snatches. appreciate it! :)


my friend, how are u? been a really long time. let's meet up soon... aloo bondas... i'm thirsting for that! :)


1:24 pm

Blogger God Krishna said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:42 am

Blogger Srikrishnan said...

Hi... came across ur blog thro random browsing.. great place u have here.. BTW Vikram Chandra's work is truly impressive... one of my all time favs.

7:43 am

Anonymous Jay said...

Reading in snatches..sounds familiar!!! I am on "To kill a mocking bird" and "Tuesdays with Morrie" for months together now. Actually reading in bits and pieces.

It reminds of days, when I had reading race with my cousin and could complete all the volumes of ponniyan selvan in a week


1:38 pm

Blogger None said...


hey thanks! i like sacred games better than i liked red earth pouring rain, i must admit!


that, then, is another thing on ur list of favourite-forgotten things... :)


5:14 pm


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