Friday, July 07, 2006

In-law, in line?

"I won't wear a toe-ring," she said, "and that's it!"
Her old mother-in-law's face fell. Unsubtly.
"Oh well, all right then, I'll wear it on my finger, if it's so important to you."
The old woman's face half-bloomed with the compromise. She could tell her relatives now that her new daughter-in-law was modern, yet traditional.



Blogger capriciously_me said...

celeb, howdy?

its all about "telling her relatives"...tch! tch!

11:50 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

ahhh. lovely.

1:55 pm

Blogger WA said...

aaha now i know the meaning of modern yet traditional :)

11:31 pm

Blogger Harish said...

oh well, it's better than on the eyebrows or the bellybutton I guess..

wonder have happened to the old mother-in-law if this suggestion cropped up! :)

8:29 am

Blogger Adiya said...

Thats nice.. short n sweet.. too cool. awesome.


9:44 am

Blogger The Inquisitive Akka said...

That was funny! I can soooooo identify with your protagonist :)

12:39 pm

Blogger None said...


hey, was under the weather for a bit, but back on my aching feet now! howdy? sandiego still?


:) its even worth a series, methinks, sometimes!


:) paavam, old lady!
btw, congrats on the job!


:) it means that in some quarters!


:) i wonder if they will be happy with this compromise in srirangam! :)

Inquisitive Akka,

hey, i really like ur pseud. with a name like that u shd have a rocking blog if only u put ur mind to it! :)


3:42 pm

Blogger SamY said...

ha ha contemprary huh #-o

** modern, yet traditional

what next ... wearing the thaali in the belly :p

change is imminent all r8 :)

8:15 am

Blogger keerthi said...

its all about "telling her relatives".. if we dont need to, we need not marry :)

3:23 pm

Blogger The Inquisitive Akka said...

Thanks for the encouragement!! Shall definitely try to write something.... sometime :)

11:23 am

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