Monday, May 22, 2006

Pirates! Book Ahoy!

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I'm a little tired of politics and all that stuff that changes a nation.
And so I went and got myself a pirated book! To assuage any feelings of guilt, I bought Kaavya Vishwanathan. :)
Its rather peurile to say I'm fighting plagiarism with piracy, but hey, that's just what I've done!
And that piece in The Hindu on piracy today, well, the picture's my book!
* * *

Talking of pics, I've got some up in my photoblog, which is flailing from lack of visitors! :(

* * *

And all those who are p***** with anonymous pansy commentators, read this (via Shelob) and spread the message.



Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

oh I love the bit about anon dips**t comments.


and we will breathe life into your photoblog ramya! Dont you worry!

*runs off to check out ramya's photoblog*

1:18 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said...

Piracy heh??....Confession ...think I'm their number one customer!

Being a designer and working with upcoming artists who intend on selling their music, I'm a firm believer that piracy cannot be stopped and should not be stopped. There is an ethical reasoning of 'intent' here, but if your marketing, price and quality of product is upto the mark, there is no reason why a person will NOT buy the original. We can argue on this topic quite a bit and I would love to do so..but maybe not now :D.

BTW I own every single original copy of CD's or books of authors and musicians I absolutely love, irrespective of the price.
However, I do own a pirated versions and MP3's in multiple bitrates too :D

6:57 pm

Blogger None said...

hey meg,

long while! welcome back! and merci beaucoup for leaving the only comment on my photo blog! :)
it will not die yet!


12:33 am

Blogger Mukund said...

hey ramya,
i was in bangalore last week and i did find both the original and pirated versions of kaavya's book being sold. the only difference was, the original was inside a book store and the pirated one in the pavement just outside the bookstore :)

9:43 am

Blogger shrinivaz said...


Nice blogs. In my opinion, Piracy is a necessary evil. Do u expect school kids and College-goers to fork out wads and wads of money to buy Original books? Have u noticed that the MRP charged in say, Landmark or Odyssey is about 2 or 3 times the actual price at which the publisher sells 'em. The prices are artificially inflated. When they are out there to make a kill, there is no moral obligation on our part to buy Originals.

Take the example of Low Price Edition technical books...ppl do buy 'em cos the prices are 'reasonable'.

12:46 pm

Anonymous masalvadai said...

A blog is something in the public domain. If you don't like comments buy a diary for 20 rupees. It is a fact that people are addicted to blogging for the comments(positive) but when it's critical they become defensive.What say?????

1:34 am

Blogger None said...


buy a diary for 20 rs.? that's really cheap, yet not as cheap as the bloke that wanders by, abuses people, without having the courage to leave a name.
'motta kadithasu' ezhutha en blog thana kedachudu.
even the democracy of a blog has certain rules, my dear lentil doughnut.

1:58 pm

Blogger None said...


hey, i too have an opinion on piracy! Considering i buy the books, you know which side of the fence i'm parked in. :)
truth to tell, its only 'time pass' books that i buy off the pavement. stuff i like, is always original and sometimes second hand.


that's luck. now, you can't really get kaavya off a store. and now that i've read the book, i so totally endorse publicity!


that's some solid sense! :)


2:04 pm

Blogger None said...


oops, i meant i totally endorse piracy, in some of its forms! :)


3:30 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

noooo....dont let it die!

* threatens to go without food if ramya tries to kill her photoblog *


2:13 am

Blogger RefleXtion said...

Where else would you get FRIENDS seasons 1-10 for 15$ man? Richie Street and Parry's Corner rock!!!!

10:54 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

When I get Bono's "Lateral Thinking" for Rs.40/- how would I buy original paying a few hundreds? Availability on the street and throw away price, that is the USP of Piracy.

1:24 pm

Blogger shrinivaz said...


U get all 10 seasons FREE of cost in IIT Madras' LAN..just get a few DVDs and keep burnin' :D

12:43 pm


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