Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Damn controversial

Much water has flown under the dam, but I'm truly glad Medha Patkar has finally ended her fast.
I'm not saying this merely because my creativity has gone holidaying and I have nothing else to blog about, but becuase I think once in a while a personal blog must provide space for a larger cause.
Which is what the Narmada Bachao Andolan represents.
Atrocities have been committed in the name of rehabilitation of those displaced by the proposed raising of the dam. Even as the government claimed that it had implemented the rehabilitation and resettlement packages, Medha Patkar's fast served to show how it was only sham. The report of the Group of Ministers (GoM) alone suffices to throw light on the hitherto dark side of the dam.
For an inventory of the violations, as recorded by the GoM, read here.
I don't often do this, but I think I'd like to salute Medha Patkar for her courage, commitment and persistence. I also hope, naively perhaps, that this is but the beginning, that there must be some remedies in the air, if not the water.



Blogger hari said...


For once I am proud to place in the first comment. That was really a post with a lot of punch in it. And let me tell you it is such posts that would make the blogworld the kind of powerful tool of information that it should infact be.

What is going on there in the name of conservation of Narmada river is a sea of attrocities. I wonder how a Chief Minister of a State can so blantantly lie to such a high level committee.

And the way the Congress and BJP joined hands in their attack against Medha Patkar goes on to shows that corruption and Political nonsense has scaled down to newer depths of immorality.

I think the blogworld should again put up a concerted effort here wherein every blogger should put up his/her voice against this Tsunami of corruption and political immorality which is capable of taking more lives than the Tsunami that nature spat on us.
You have again been the flagbearer Ramya. Let us make Medha proud.

8:26 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought-provoking Ramya....
Life is one long fight, isnt it?
PS - glad there's a new post...now, me hoping the next 'ordinary' story will follow...

12:20 pm

Anonymous Ravi said...

Always glad to see your posts/writings, in your inimitable style!

1:04 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

The very fact that the Gujarat Chief Minister went on a counter fast showed that he wanted to underplay the significance of Medha Patkar's fast. It is the Highest Court's order that those affected by the Dam should be rehabilitated. Let this condition of the Court be fulfilled to the satisfaction of the Court. I would rather prefer the work be supervised by a National Committee of eminent, impartial and honest persons like Anna Hazare, Arun Bhatia etc.

1:32 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said...

Did you notice the recent trend of second hearings? Cases that were closed are going back to the courts due to public protests and adequate media coverage.....guess India is wakin up......due credit to the media ofcourse!!

10:17 am

Anonymous SS said...

Whatever the cause,fasting or going on a hunger strike is not a positive or constructive solution. It is just emotional blackmail and I think it's pretty cunning actually. What if every Indian citizen starts fasting to achieve their objectives. What if geeks start fasting for not getting any girls and so on.........This worked for Gandhi, but Medha Patkar is no gandhi.(And it is a fact that gandhi's ideologies and methods have no relevance in present day india) And frankly, if she had died while fasting ,nobody would have been responsible for that except herself.

2:41 am

Blogger None said...


Fasting is not a constructive solution?!
ever read the GoM report? you think the pro-active, people-friendly government did it on its own? of course, medha patkar sitting in fast in delhi had nothing to do with it!
you are entitled to your view, however shortsighted it is, but GEEKS sitting in fast cos they don't get girls? Apart from being amazed at how you can trivialise an issue involving the life and lifelihood of lakhs of people, i must say, Man, u have an imagination!

12:35 pm

Blogger Krishna Kumar said...

In other parts of the world catastrophes - artificial or man-made - influences artists to create great works of art. The last time that happened in India was I think in response to Bhopal Tragedy and Stanes murder case. At least we have blogs today, if not literature. Good write up Ramya. But I would like to see a take on (or take off) Narendra Modi drama. What say?

3:44 pm


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