Thursday, May 12, 2005

All that glitters...

Two gilt-gold earrings dangling on two fair ear lobes.
His wholesome, first memory of her. Satchel slung across his back, smoothing oiled hair into place, he had just swung up the footboard steps of the 7-30 a.m. 47A service. Somewhere between that moment and the next time he started breathing, he caught sight of those earrings on those fair lobes, reddening where ear met ring and his breath stopped short in his wind pipe.
Back then, he did not know they were gilt - the earrings. He had thought they were gold. Back then, he had also thought her beautiful - like an angel.
No one else did. And he had mildly wondered why. Until they laughed and with knowing winks told him she was gilt too - like her earrings, like the rest of her jewellery, her made-up face. They said, the truth, like her age, was creaking up between lines of beyond-expiry foundation.

* * *

This is a docked version of my original short story. An experiment to see if brevity would make any difference ... Hmmmmmm.....
Also, i think it's the second time I'm using the title.

* * *
May 12
I've made a small change since i wrote it first. it's o.k. now. Wonder how I could have missed it in the first place. Damn!



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