Thursday, April 28, 2005

Farenheit 4/27

Sooner, rather than later, I'm going to be reduced to a charred stump or a pool of sweat on the hot-tyre burning roads of Chennai.
Both promise rather gruesome deaths, but if I had a choice, I'd like to be cremated as a pool of sweat. Don't ask me how.
However, I'm afraid, I'm not going to have my say, because:

God gave Noah the rainbow sign
"No more water, the fire next time!"

* * *

My cook quit.
One more day of putting up with her lack of culinary skills, and hopefully I'll never see her weild the ladle in my kitchen again! I know people can be upset when cooks vanish without much warning, but i'm now basking in the pure pleasure of not having to suffer her food anymore.
I've decided that I' ll be happy for a little while before I start worrying about finding someone else.
Just a wee bit of a while.

* * *

It would be difficult to work in an information vaccum. Hmmmm. It is.

* * *
Quite unrelatedly, I hate to be sounding like a broken record, but I still want more replies from people who have been to blogger meets in Bangalore/Hyderabad/Delhi/Mumbai, before I can sit down to write my story. So, please tell people you know in those places to drop a valuable, publication-worthy comment! :)



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