Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Blogger Meets: A mini-poll

God and most bloggers who come this way know I've been putting this off for too long.
I do have a deadline and I cannot push it beyond death. So, here goes...

It is not the first time I am going to write a blog/blog-related story, but it certainly is the first time I'm going pull comments off my comment box and put them in a newspaper. To be precise, The Hindu's Sunday Magazine. This is the peg:

Bloggers take their passion out of the web. As we all know, bloggers meets happen with stunning irregularity all over the world. And more specifically most of our Indian cities. So much so, it has emerged as a different, though niche, lifestyle trend. Has it? The indications are there and after our story, it just wont have a hope in hell to be otherwise! :)
Jokes apart, the success of this story depends on all of you. I'd be grateful if anyone who has attended even half a blogger's meet can respond on this site. Especially those who have been to such meets in more than one city.

These are some of the questions you could answer:

*How long have you been a blogger?
*How many Blogger Meets have you attended? In which city/cities?
*What do you expect out of a Blogger Meet? What do you get (what are the topics of discussion)
*If you have not been to one yet, why? What keeps you?
*Any particularly significant thing happen to you at the meeting? (did you eat chilli bajjis at the Marina for the first time/did you meet your spouse there/ did anyone have a heart attack etc...)
Please do anwer and you might be quoted in The (new look) Hindu. That's the carrot. No stick.

May the Force be with all those who answer. Er...and all those who dont too!


Part 1 of Part 2 :Thank you very much for all the responses. You have all been a great help, whether you've been to blogger meets or not.
Part 2 of Part 2 : I'm also seeking to establish unique habits to each city's blogging groups. For instance, the MArina or a coffee shop in Chennai. Similarly, where do people meet in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi? or even the US?
I would appreciate some information on these aspects. If some of you can get bloggers from other states to respond to this, nothing like it!



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