Friday, March 11, 2005

What's in a (nick)name?! *&*&%!?

I don't know how many of you have this thing happening in office, but it is pretty common where I work. The annoying practice of referring to inviduals by initials.
Actually, not that annoying if you have good initials, but disgusting if you have the wrong set of letters that your name begins with. That could be pretty unfortunate, yes.
I think this nomenclature pattern began with people obliged to have a set of initials to identify their work, their stories, especially when working on the computer. But it also makes sense not to waste too much energy on names such as say, Sivaramakrishnan or Venkataramanan. In an attempt to conserve the nano second that it takes to complete the name and the negligible horse power we spend trying to say it, they became SRK or maybe, KVN.
In fact, I know some people who have come to be known ONLY by their initials. So much so, their real-long-winded names only have a place in yellowing bits of once-important paper - the school TC; their family cannot remember their original names so they are reffered to as 'MRK Mama,' 'KV Chithappa.'
It still does not matter if you don't mind it. I also know some people that have really cool initials like SAM, KAT, and probably more 'in' than their real names. But I dont. My initials are RMK, yeah, I know... like DMK. Not that I have anything against the DMK, I'm sure it is a nice name for a political party and all that. But for an apolitical, secular, democrat like me, aw, it's a hat that does not fit. And I'm not even a saree store.
I do try to get people not to call me that, but the ones that are used to only initials cannot really help themselves. And so they go, "RMK this, " and "RMK that" like Old McDonald, while I try not to think of myself as a political party, an engineering college or a saree store, hoping I won't burst a blood vessel trying.
It's a good thing I cover the health beat, because the possibilities that I do (burst a vessel, that is ) are not very remote. Aaarrrrghhhh.... There goes another one again... AARRMMMKAY...
When will you stop calling me THAT! @#$%&*

P.S. Don't YOU start now!



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