Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Teething troubles

how they ogle at me:
two rows of blue ceramic
teeth split wide open.

Did you know a tooth ache can kill you? Well, it nearly can. And if you have a bad heart, you could die when they try to fix your teeth. But before that, you could die just of the pain.
Cold, white, swelling in your head, smelling like clove oil.

I'm just over that doorstep. Small toothy mercy!

* * *

I think it was the idly post that did me in. Talking so much about food, fantasising so much about it, getting the NRIs miserable with merely the thought. That was sin. Tempting the Food Devil. You have to pay - instantly.

However, I might do it again, anyway. What's to keep me from writing. Even a very bad tooth does not stop me from drooling. :)
Though, obviously, for very different reasons.

* * *

If you like Thai food and you are in Chennai, LOTUS at The Park is an absolute must.

Ha! There. I could'nt resist! :)



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