Friday, February 18, 2005

A different game...

Just when I was wondering what to blog about, I bumped into Jonty Rhodes.
And it nearly turned out to be what Suderman most appropriately describes as a "just miss" situation, with minor confusion happening about who should be where. But nevermind that. It only matters that I met the friendliest celebrity I've ever met, and hmmm... perhaps the shortest, if you don't count Ustad Bismillah Khan, but that's his age.
Jonty Rhodes stands just a head above me, which naturally causes a steep increase in the " likeability factor" as far as I'm concerned. Plus, he's friendly - about signing autographs (Not for me), putting his arm around your shoulder (for me, for me!) and allowing the photographers to go crazy (aye, aye).
He has an Achiles heel though. On his head. Try to get him remove the baseball cap he's wearing and you'll see his other side. If you don't you still get to see his other side: canvassing for the African safari .
Those animals sure have a great catch in Jonty.

* * *

I watched Polar Express last night. A well-made flick with amazing animation telling the touching tale of "belief." At the end of it, you want to believe that Santa Claus is real. Better still, at the end of it, you believe it's X-mas time, and hey, a WHITE CHRISTMAS at that!

* * *

I've discovered this AWESOME (thiruttu) DVD rental near my house. With door delivery. :))Tra-la-la-la-la... Hakuna Matada...



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