Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In Law, In Line? 3

Parvati had prepared herself for this, ever since Manjari Maami in the corner house had put the thought into her head.
But when she saw daughter-in-law in the morning - hair tousled, sleep still in her eyes, smiling at her, she nearly din't. Except that she had been warned about being soft, so she steeled herself and in her best 'mother-in-law' voice said, "Decent women don't wear shorts at home..."
The smile dried on her daughter-in-law's lip as quickly as sleep went out of her eyes and hurt and anger entered it. Fisting her hands, she turned on her heel and walked off in a huff.
Parvati sighed. Maybe she should'nt have listened to Manjari Maami after all.



Blogger i, me and my bullet said...

This Mamiyar-Mattuponn relationship is THE critical factor in family harmony. Its all abt EGO. nothing more than that.

10:20 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deadly one Ramya!
So brief, so brilliant!

1:08 pm

Blogger Inder said...

haha... no point in regretting after the damage is done :)

5:36 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

hmmm. where DO decent women wear shorts? :)

8:42 pm

Blogger None said...

i-me-and my bullet,

u bet. it's just that. the seesaw of wounded egos.


ah! thanks. briefer would have been better, but i was unwilling to sacrifice the words...


we know that, AFTER, we've made the mistake! :) hindsight, surely is a very powerful deterrent. cept for george bush.


:) i wonder too! :)


10:35 pm

Blogger The Kid said...

Nice one, Ramya. The story is very subtle where it says that the mamiyar herself did not really mind but just because Manjari maami said so...

Very nice portrayal.

12:21 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Fully endorse Bullet's comments. The "MIL DIL REPULSION SYNDROME" is a disease which does not have any exclusive and conclusive medicine as realised by Parvathi Mami.

Its the cause that needs the cure and not the disease itself.

7:33 am

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Blogger Mahadevan said...

"She nearly did'nt. Except that she had been warned about being soft" - This was the problem.
One is often entrapped, when choosing expressions unrelated to one's feelings. Manjula Mami must have been chuckling in silence.

1:23 pm

Blogger None said...


thanks. keep reading...


sometimes mils and dils have no problem per se with each other. it is often the 'third person' that causes the rift.


that is strange. cos i thought I'd actually add the manjari mami chuckling bit and then decided against it!!


3:55 pm


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