Monday, July 17, 2006


HAve you ever woken up from a dream to find its co-ordinates in the real world?
Like you have a leg or stomach pain in the real world and it blends seamlessly with your dream, without u actually feeling the pain, just knowing it exists in a different plane.
I have, and it's mind blowing!



Anonymous F e r r a r i said...

Oh yes. But then I had a weird dream, which have all chances of coming true. I just wish it doesnt :)

6:44 pm

Blogger None said...

o.k then, ur dream wont come true... but i hope mine does! :)


7:31 pm

Blogger Sriram said...

Oh yeah!Many times. worse yet that when you are in the real world in a particular situation and you realise you've already been there in your dream. that's plain freaky. Deja Vu!

Yes, i think i'm still in my dream world. Can't believe its Monday already!

9:27 pm

Anonymous Ramkumar said...


my 'multimedia' dream was a little different. It happened abt 2 yrs after my grandfather died.

THe dream was it that he dies in my house.. i could see every single relative of mine consoling my father..the priests chant the mantras..When they are about to lift his body, he wakes up as if he was he was waking up from his regular sleep and speaks!! everybody is puzzled..and my father asks me to send off the van and the bamboo..the highlight of this dream,i heard his voice..

I woke up with a scream,sweating like hell..had one full litre of water non-stop..was really scared to go to sleep that night.

have a good day.

9:59 am

Blogger The Kid said...

I have had reeeally horrible nightmares... and in one of them I cried in my sleep for 2 hours. I hope it never comes in my real life !

12:58 pm

Blogger shakhuni said...

i have, as well.
btw, your in-law tales were nice. i liked them.

1:02 pm

Blogger Inder said...

yeah... sometimes... and it is real freaky when that happens.

9:50 pm

Blogger blogSurya said...

YUP, just to share few things on this subject.
MIND is very powerfull and none us utilise or rather never trained to utilized it for full potential.

Usually in dreams you can feel your past,present and future and that is spread across different timezones during the night.

Usually the during midnight between 2 and 4 - a deep sleep mode your mind predicts future, not only for you but also for others not related to you.

But since we have tendency to forget that bit or do not realize it until you come across those scenes in reality,Neverthless they are important or life saving one but we dont tend remember it.

Few times its better we do not remmember those.Will try and write a blog on this sometime later.

DREAMS do not come TRUE,they are already, we do not realize it anyway.

10:57 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

I have too and it gives a real shock, when we feel happy that the painful dream has ended only to find that the pain still exists in reality.

By the way, am I dreaming that there was a post of yours after this about Blog banning, or did you delete it.

7:53 am

Anonymous scarecrow said...

yeah dreams are funny...

i had this dream a few days back....

i am coming out of some fire and go to a mirror to see my face, which looks withering and the nose had gone bit deep as if being sucked inwards...and i shout whats wrong with the mirror...

and somehow i am also analysing the dream while sleeping..and i am telling myself that there's nothin wrong with mirror..its just that my skin has got peeled off and is very thin n soft now while breathing my nose being bit heavy is dropping inside...

donno what was that but it just left me wondering when i woke up...and i just can see my face even now...

11:37 am

Blogger Mahadevan said...

I agree with Hari. The pain in reality remains, though there was no sign of the pain in dreams. At times, the pain continues during dreams too.

Dream consists of thoughts suppressed in the sub-conscious. They get manifested without the constraints of Time and Space. Sigmund Freud has done great experiments on dreams.

3:32 pm

Blogger Empty Space said...

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9:29 am

Blogger None said...

hi roshni,

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5:26 pm


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