Monday, February 21, 2005


I did it! Not that I imagined I could do about 5 kms on the Chennai Marathon, considering my life has been for the last er... years quite the life sedentary. No exercise, no sirrah, nothing but my infrequent walks for yes, tea in the evening.
Not a patch on my rather jumpy childhood.But I guess the enthusiasm and sprightliness of my salad days stood me in good stead today as one negotiated the Marathon. Plus, it helped that I was running for a cause: Mohan Foundation, that campaigns for organ donation.
But then, maybe I just rode on the spirits of those running, those cheering, those walking and those, just standing by the footpath and looking.
Which probably explains why I wasn't so tired afterwards. No sleep, no rice for a week, a family wedding and a five km marathon, and I'm here banging away at 11-30 p.m.

Sometimes, I amaze myself. Sometimes, I'm footloose and fancy free...

* * *

Again, I finally got my photoblog up, after several aborted attempts! Check it out at

* * *

I did one week without rice. No big deal for some, but for me, HUGE. Still, I wanted to see if I could, and well, it turns out, I can. I din't die of rice-deprivation, though people around me were gorging everyday.

Hatrick, you see!

* * *

I could go on and want to... but I can see black circles creeping up my eyes, right over the rather deep tan I accquired this morning on the Marina... Now, that aint too good, is it? It threatens to spoil a day posterity will recognise as 'My' day of achievements!

Au voir then, it has been a great day. Life is beautiful, indeed. Amen.



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