Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Love in the time of death

Kadhal Mannan shall love no more. For a man who held his own when two giants (MGR and Sivaji Ganesan) were striding tamil moviedom like twin Colossus... For a man who loved constantly and had solid-living proof of his love... For Vishwanathan Aiyer of Avvai Shanmugi ... For Cupid's point man in Tamil Nadu ... This is for him.
I'm not going to say Rest in Peace. It is inappropriate. Perhaps, we should say May he rest in Love... Yes. With and in love, may he go...

* * *

Easwari never went home. At least, she did not go home in the way we envisaged. Because Child Line got to the scene more than an hour after the incident was reported. The other day I get a call from the bunglers:
ChildLine: Hello, Madam. You had given a complaint yesterday. Can you tell us more about the woman?
Me: How would I know? You ask her and tell me.
CL: OK. Do you know where she is now?
Me: WHAT? You mean you did not pick her up?
CL: Madam, you did not give us the correct venue.
Me: *Splutter* WHAT? When did you get to the venue? The exact time?
CL: 11-45 a.m.
Me: That is more than an hour after I called you. How do you expect a destitute women with two young kids to sit that long in the sun, waiting for you? You turned up late, and she is probably lost and now, you accuse me of giving you the wrong venue? *splutter more*
CL: No madam, we are not accusing you. It took us time to get our staff together.
Me: You are in no position to accuse anyone, having let go an excellent opportunity to help a woman and two children. I don't think I want to talk to you anymore. You

Maybe Easwari and her kids din't go home. Maybe they did. And if they did, it was certainly no thanks to me. Or the grand support mechanisms of this country.

* * *

I'm not sure if I should be blogging about this at all. But despite all, I can't help but mention my brush, from a respectable distance (for her) with the Only AMMA, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.
Covering the Health demand in the Legislative Assembly yesterday, siting diagonally across her, within touching distance, and yet not quite! :)
It is not the first time I was seeing her, but I guess it was the first time she noticed me!
Now, would this qualify for celebrity-bumping or not?



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