Saturday, March 19, 2005

How to catch a crab and other tales

Since Tuesday last, I've added theory of two skills to my repository of "Things I can Do." I can catch a crab without it biting my digits off and I can make a fibre boat.
Remember, I do not know if I can actually DO these things but I rest in the complacence that I have knowlege that will guide when push comes to shove! Maybe one of these days I have to catch crabs for a living or maybe build fibre boats! You can never undermine life's big surprises.
Boat yard owners in Kancheepuram, Marakkanam and Cuddalore taught me how to do the boat thingie and I kind of grasped it once I learnt to beat the allergy caused by flying glass-fibre dust. Atccchhhooo...

P.S. I posted a picture yesterday, and a few more on my photo blog, but NOBODY looks there! So, here edited version of almost same shot, not so good, but more aesthetic on this blog. The old one is at the photoblog.

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