Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mount Road Mahavishnu doffs the old, dons the new...

I know I promised to post about something else, but it is not time yet. Because, history intervened. Living history.
This might sound vain to some, but honestly, it did feel good to be awake to see the birth of the new look The Hindu. A wide range of comments have been coming in from various quarters, responding to the sudden change that caught up with them this Tamil New Year's day - most of it is flattering, some of it quite uncomplimentary. We take it all in our stride.
But this is about being in the throes of birth. Guys who have been in delivery rooms watching their wives give birth will know what I am talking about. It was a grand launch party at the Park Sheraton, where the who's who of Chennai turned up, their curiosity awakened by the teaser invites that The Hindu had sent out, stoked further after the presentation by our architect-designer Mario Garcia. As the young night grew old, our invitees were soon waiting for the morrow, for the new look paper that they had heard so much about.
Just as we were. We din't have to wait that long though. Being in a newspaper and hanging around the newsrooms at unholy hours will enable you to catch the newspaper as it rolls off the printing press. And grin wide. We seem to have pulled it off.
Have we? We realise only you can tell us...


For the benefit of online users of The Hindu, this is how we look now... The (new look) Hindu.
In pdf and takes a while to download, but...



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