Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blind E in my bonnet

I have an E (read Housefly) in my bonnet. A visually impaired E at that.
Maybe not a capital E, but just an e and it has been with me for a week now. It clearly cannot see and keeps buzzing furiously around my head as I sit on my couch every morning. As I read my newspaper, and reach out for the remote to switch on the TV, this E buzzes whiningly in my ear.
And then she, I'd rather it is not a he, will swim right across my line of vision and settle on my nose. I'd have to flip her away and she'd settle on my ear... my forehead... my braid.
My mom used to call these types the 'kuruttu e" and say they keep flying around you because they cannot find their way out of a door or window. My mother's words echoing in my ears, I tried to gently show Ms.E her way out.
I'm telling you I TRIED! But she won't get out of the trajectory that passes in front of my eyes, over my forehead, my mouth and nose. I hear her now go "Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" as I glimpse her at the edge of the line of my vision. My poor blind Ms.E refuses to go away.


This doesn't mean comments are no longer welcome on the Blogger Meet post. Since I don't have enough meat to complete my story, it is indeed open still and yes, do remember to tell your blogger mates to drop by and talk about their experience, whichever part of the world they come from.



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