Saturday, February 18, 2006

Between the devil and ...

I cannot decide what frustrates me more: A maverick auto or one of those black and yellow contraptions loudly falling apart at every bolt, proceeding (?) at about zero kmph, when you have to keep time.
With the former, you are hanging on for dear life, while with the latter, you are tempted to jump off and walk to where you have to go, simply because in your shaken body, mind and soul, you know you can get there first.



Blogger Mukund said...

this is very true. this travelling at 0kmph is all the more frustrating when ur vehicle is behind it and these fellows won't even give u way!

5:16 pm

Blogger perspective said...

yeah i know how frustrating it is... somehow you seem to have every other fellow in the way or going slow.... when you are in a hurry!!!

5:36 pm

Blogger None said...

ah, mukund,

at least you've decided whihc is more frustrating! :)


9:44 pm

Blogger None said...


wursht ever experience to be travelling in a crawling auto on an arterial road. you feel ashamed!


9:45 pm

Blogger trv said...

indha auto ungala ippadi aati padaikkidhu? :) pesaama 'kaal'-taxi ku shift aayidunga!

10:57 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

I would totally prefer the speed demon auto! Think of the mental agony you go through when you see cyclists overtaking you, while you trudge along in your rickety excuse for an auto!UGH!

12:49 am

Blogger SamY said...

ha ha ooh trust me therz much more to it ... auto's are the most unpredictable ;) ... think hez goin straight n u think of overtaking him n voila a sudden sway to the right

and do add cyclists as fuel to this fire

8:48 am

Blogger Twin-Gemini said...

In a mood for some Ratna Cafe Sambar? I am coming over to Madras next weekend (for a month). If u have some time, I can buy you some Idly Sambar in return for the Bacardi Spritzer that you promised me long time back :-)

Jokes apart, I am trying to see if any of you guys would be around during that time. If you would have some time, let me know and we can all probably meet somewhere. My email id is anandvis(at)gmail(dot)com


1:09 pm

Blogger None said...


illa, auto rare-a than use pannaren! appavum ippadi kazhuthai arukkaranga! :(


3:43 pm

Blogger None said...


but then you can use some inglish four letter words at a.driver! :) he'd probably enjoy the slanging match! :)


3:44 pm

Blogger None said...


cyclists are another post altogether! i agree with you!

3:58 pm

Blogger None said...

Evil TWIN!

welcome! i'm ready to buy you buckets of sambar at ratna cafe! :) sure, let's meet. i'll mail you later with the nos.
as for the breezer, the bacardi one, if you give me sufficient notice and the flavour of your choice, it will be ready to drink with your idly-sambar! :)

6:03 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

ha haaa...I probably could..!
but I think Ill pass on it...I reserve it for special occassions!

9:00 pm

Blogger Sriram said...

Cant decide which is worse. I'd prefer running those folks over with a mosnter truck though :P.. talk about being between a rock and a hard place ;)

Word verification's killing me!! "ajlsxent" --how am i supposed to type all these words? huh?

1:32 am

Blogger Shyam said...

You know when you'll get the auto which stops dead every two minutes - JUST on the occasion that you need to get somewhere in a hurry :) And he will insist "oru minute madam, ippo start aayidum", thereby preventing you from hailing another auto that actually moves. *sigh*

By the way, why auto? Car enga?

5:20 pm

Blogger None said...


well, if you say so then! :)


7:15 pm

Blogger None said...


i got kndtwy. i hate it too. but atleast it keeps out the assholes! :)


7:16 pm

Blogger None said...


car wunly da. one morning raj had to leave early, so i had to take the auto or the bus or walk at 30 degrees c. chose the auto and live to regret it! :(


arrgh. the word verification for this: bxnhqxxz! damn!

7:20 pm

Blogger VHS said...

Driving an auto rickshaw can also be frustrating ;-) Especially when the driver aspires to drive a Merc!

7:23 pm

Blogger None said...


:) he'd have to treat a merc much better though!


9:04 pm


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