Saturday, February 04, 2006

Running ... nose.

I hab a coldh the size oph a belon in by headh. And going by the wheezy rattle, I should die toborrow.
Therefore, buch as I wouldh like tho, I cannoth run in the Chennai Barathon toborrow (noth counthing by running noth). Desbite by desolve tho dho so lasth yeab. :(



Blogger Sriram said...

aaaaa... aaaahhh.... aaaah..... TCHOoOOOOOO...

and also, awwwww...

1:34 am

Blogger SamY said...

well u shud try running with a running nose, ur nose might help u

10:02 am

Blogger jal said...

me too.. but anyway did not plan to run the marathon

5:30 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

I never knew that professionals practice for running marathons by running through their nose.

Glam journo eppadi run panninaalum adhu oru event ayidhum, onnum solla mudiyadhu. Maybe we can organise running nose marathon someday, even I am good at it.

5:12 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

I think we all be champions in running nose competitions!!!!! what say R?:)

2:31 am

Blogger IBH said...

odamba pathukonga....appuram marathon pathukalam..

3:00 am

Blogger Shyam said...

Shoulda entered your nose for the marathon, Rums...:) Not to sound completely heartless, so let me say "get well soon" :)

3:58 am

Blogger kaaju katli said...

Was going to say let your nose run but then saw that Shyam had beaten me to it. Take lots of care!

1:18 pm

Blogger None said...

hello ppls,

many thanks for the concern. i think i should be on the road to recovery in a bit. i've simply whoop-coughed myself to getting well! :)


4:01 pm

Anonymous Ravi said...

Not to worry..these are hazards of the profession. Err, me thinking about how you have a nose for (writing) news! :)

10:30 am

Blogger capriciously_me said...

take the care-nu solla me thinks too, u awlrite now?

7:46 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:22 pm


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