Tuesday, December 20, 2005

15-hour Express

I've realised if you are on a 15-hour train that is delayed by another three hours, you no longer bother looking out to see which station you are in. And when you realise this, like when you know you are going to die, you give up. It does not matter.
What does matter is the team in your second A/C compartment, three men who mix rum with pepsi and drink it faster than water. Even that does not matter. It is when they beginning talking that you are forced to come out of your 15-hour journey trance to contend with their alcohol-induced loquaciousness. And then you try to stopper out some. Because they really offend sensibilities. The best way, of course, is to pretend to be fast asleep and wake up only mealtimes. The trick, of course, is to go back to sleep before they spill the coloured grains of their train-biryani all over the seat, floor and themselves. Because, believe me, that could be make you retch.
Alternatively, you can spend your time counting the different kinds of mobile ring tones constantly going off from all sides. I had no clue such a variety was available. But even that can be tiresome, and from the corner of your eye you can see the drunks getting ready for a nap. So it is time to fix on some really efficient headphones, or you might land up with a lot of sound and very little sleep.
Can it get worse? Of course it can. When 15 hours stretches to 18 because, in deference for Cyclone Mala, the Express train slows down to about 20 kmph. When there is nothing else you can do, you learn to grit and bear. Grin is a little too much for the occasion.



Anonymous shyam said...

Poor ol' Rums... the things you have to bear in the name of duty! :)

3:13 pm

Blogger None said...

hey shyam, where are you? trying to reach you last coupla days!
call, woman!


3:25 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

um... wd it be terribly offensive to sensibilities all around if i mention the ayyappa crowd in this context? sabarimalitis, that's what i've got after one trip to kerala!

7:48 pm

Blogger Sriram said...

Uh-oh! isn't there some sort of thing where you are not supposed to drink on trains? Maybe you could have been extra nice and tipped the T.T.R about it ;) And oh yes, I'm BACK!! :)

11:32 pm

Blogger SamY said...

now that was some interesting journey :)

train journey is not just it, travel in our thiruvalluvar transport (say kanchipuram-chennai) and u'll realize @ least in a train u can move elsewhere. he he

neenga anniyan'a maare veedeeyadhu dhaane :p

8:42 am

Blogger Nanyaar? said...

Did you know that the latest trend amongst the youth was Red bull and vodkha!! that makes them even worse.....

Trian travells... usually are tiring i bet I can imagine who it wud have been.

And hey No I dont drink its college mate...

But hats off to Jurno's who risk it all whether it's gun shells or drunkards in the train.


Cheer up!


4:31 pm

Blogger None said...


what is the matter with you? apart from sabarimalaitis. i nearly put it on the blog, but after great thought decided to let it be...


4:32 pm

Blogger None said...


yup! there is, but again, who cares, eh? :)besides you can't tell the different between rum and pepsi until you take a swig! :))


4:33 pm

Blogger jeya said...

Hey great blog here... !!

4:34 pm

Anonymous Nanyaar? said...

Are you online now?? Ramya?

4:34 pm

Blogger None said...


hmmm... good idea. anniyan kadisi scene mathiri panniyirukalam. appo enakku ithu strike-e agalai.


4:35 pm

Anonymous Nanyaar? said...

Do you yahoo? my yahoo is nanyaar01

4:37 pm

Blogger None said...


appapo intha mathiri experience makes you realise how beautiful life is!

yeah, am online.


4:37 pm

Blogger chikuado said...

hmm... sounds worse than being stuck in the airport for 6 hours, for a flight journey of 20 minutes.. sigh!!

11:34 am


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