Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the 'tharai' ticket

I did it!
I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the first premiere in the city, despite great discomfort. They had overdone the pass thingie, so there were more invites than chairs in the theatre, but that was not to deter a hardcore Potter fan. I simply brushed aside the little boy usher who insisted I could not go in because the seats were all full. I had not come this far this late to go back home without seeing Potter get the Goblet. So I marched right in, estimated a vantage position on the aisle and squatted down happily. Happy to say, many followed suit. I say I squatted happily, but it's been ages since I've sat on the ground for about two and a half hours and boy! CREEEEAAAAAAAAK....
Nevermind that. HP and the Goblet of Fire is the finest Potter movie made yet, the film-adaptation interestingly tight, still faithful to the book (Can director Mike Newell dare anything else?!), the special effects stunning (be it the Quidditch Championship or Mad Eye Moody's Polyjuice Potion transfiguration), amazing calisthenics and the Tri-Wizard Tournament absorbing. There is no doubt, Mike Newell's got a Firebolt and he can ride it like a Super Seeker. However, I think, as the mood get darker and the Death Mark looms overhead, it is only fair that Harry and Ron get a haricut. :)



Blogger arvindiyer said...

Ahhhhhh The joy of watchin a movie from Tharai ticket...Hello akka...long time no see!!! Peter akka I must add

9:10 am

Blogger sathish said...

tharai ticket! It has been long since I did that..

9:24 am

Anonymous b a l a j i said...

Amazing visuals. Too good.

Did u see at Satyam? How was the RDX effect.

I watched it @ Mayajaal. Planning to see the movie again at Satyam just for the sake of visuals.

1:15 pm

Blogger Koncerned_One said...

Hi After a long time !!!

Your spin off series of HP is good (tharai ticket - charming) .
Weekends are never going to be the same in Chennai . Satyam making a storm by showing movies so damn early in the morning . Lucky to get tickets on Saturday 11:30 am . House was packed with kids and kollege girls (yes i do sight at times) . interesting part of the show was the thunderous klaps and whistles when each of the main kharactkers kame up on screen . almost like being on the first day first show for a tamil super star movie . Guess thats part of the Harry Potter Magik . Finally satyam really killing the Q and started online booking . for a two movie a week guy like me (mostly in satyam) , its a boon . One thing that kaught my nephews eye ( who is also a regular there , at the age of 6 ) , was the Superman Returns and X 3 posters . Satyam has been disappointing a lot by not showing movies they have advertised . Lets hope the superhero genre doesnt meet the same fate .

Koming to the movie . Did seem a bit dark and the happy go lucky magical word did kreep out a few kids .

Author : abt ur mega blogeries (blog series) , would be nice to post piks of the people too . Looking forward to more of your interesting work . TK

10:40 am

Blogger johnny boy said...

Good thing it that it was Sathyam :) If it had been one of the 'galeej' theatres, you wud have regretted your 'tharai' ticket :)))
I'm not much of a Harry potter fanatic, hence I am not that intent on watchin the movie :) but this potter craze is seriously arousing the curiosity in me! And i know half of potters fans, were drawn in cos of this curiosity factor! Will I be one?

2:33 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

Funnily enuf Rums, I saw it today too... not first day first show, but third day first show :) I thought it was good but too much torture/gore/tragedy for kids. Ron needs a haircut, as does harry (shd we call him Hairy? heehee)... but such pretty hair! I'm a diehard fan of Emma Watson - she's beautiful! :)

11:40 pm

Anonymous Ravi said...

"I simply brushed aside the little boy usher"...hmmmmm, I can imagine this. Also a stare that read - how dare you, with a glam celeb journo like me - would have sufficed?! :)

3:06 pm

Blogger WA said...

Tharai ticket :) Sounds like a lot of fun. I am feeling awfully guilty now, went to see HP on saturday and promptly fell asleep :(( :((

4:17 pm

Blogger srivat said...

The visuals were stunning.The prelude to the quidditch match was fantastic, but I was disappointed when the match was not shown.I'm still not sure if that was cut in Mayajaal or has the scene been edited out of the movie.Hopefully an extended edition DVD(like LOTR) has it.

7:25 pm

Anonymous vijay said...

I thought Dumbledore looked more vulnerable than we all are used to him being in the books.

What with the anger and the head holding?

But the actors are ageing fast and the director doesn't have much time left to make them go through all the stages the bookfolk went through.

11:22 pm

Blogger IBH said...

yeey! we watched this movie in an Ultrascreen (three tiems bigger than the normal one) and man was it good?

now, all i want from J K Rowling is for Ron and Hermoine to get together :) sounds too bollywood-ish na?> but ennna pannuradhu ennairundhalum namma love story pathe valandhavanga illa :))

7:25 pm

Blogger Krishna said...

did u have a look at the floor before sitting? ;)

11:20 pm

Blogger Shiv Shankar said...

Watched hari puttar with naryanan's family.Some time the advanced technology used in Hollywood movied cover up the sterotypical formula used .

In this movie the formula was "Hero winning the Competition against all Odds ".How many movies have we seen like that ??

8:08 pm

Blogger Rainbow said...

Me watched it with ma little sis as per tradition (that started with the philosophers stone..way back). This one is really good. they toned down the magic part a great deal and made it a more 'coming of age' kinda tale. I think lil sis has written a review...

12:21 am

Blogger Twin-Gemini said...

Oh cool! I missed a chance this weekend, definitely will see it next weekend.

8:14 am

Blogger Akash said...

I booked them at and was surprised to see how easy it has become to book tickets.

Kyazoonga says that they are the first aggregators for online movie tickets in India. I love the concept

11:37 pm


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