Saturday, September 24, 2005

American Pie: Slice 2- Sunny Side up!

Don't quiz me on the science of this, I am still unable to do the Farenheit-Centigrade conversion, but it was incredibly hot when we landed in Dulles International Airport, Washington DC.
After a rather "easy" exit, I roll my strolley up to the car park, where a US State department person was waiting to take us to the hotel. I have my leather jacket hanging stylishly on my left arm, I am waiting to sweep it over my shoulder and slide my arms into it, but it seemed like Washington DC was saying to me "PFFFTT"- sticking her tongue out at me.
It could have been Chennai. It was very hot, very sunny and very humid. And I could just sigh. I then quietly rolled up my jacket and stowed it away from sight, and it has since stayed there! Sigh! So much for being in America during Fall, nearly Fall.
And as we got to explore the city, I couldn't help noticing how like Chennai DC could be: It sure had monuments for as many dead people as we have, and maybe even more! They package them well, better than us though and take great pride in them! I did like Lincoln Memorial though, the frontage of which is a pool, the one that Tom Hanks crosses in Forrest Gump when he meets his girlfriend after the war.
You can even stroll through the Pentagon, with a smart well-dressed military guy walking you around and experience the anticlimax of seeing the 'ordinariness' of its corridors. Ordinary as in common, everyday, usual, regular - people lounging on park benches eating and drinking, relaxing, smoking, even singing! There are parts of the Pentagon that live up to its expectation, sombre, cold, where the only sounds come from the knocking of military boots on polished, sanitised flooring.
The advantage in Washington though is that everything comes free, which I'm told, is not the case in the rest of the United States. Especially, the Smithsonian Museums- the key of them being the Air and Space Museum, holocaust museum, Museum of the American Indian and the one on natural history. Remember it will take a whole load of time, you need a good camera and a pair of sturdy legs that come in walk-friendly footwear! So you can walk the mile, under a bright sun, sucking on a huge pop-stick!
Could I do this in Chennai? Hmmm... I wonder!
If you factor in the fact that I'm hard pressed to find good vegetarian real meals at reasonable prices, the final analysis is that I'm still searching for "America" and what makes it so special to loads of people!
But that is just because I have not been to New York yet!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:41 pm

Blogger Rags said...

2 years..I am still finding answers to the question you asked...

9:09 am

Blogger Nanyaar? said...

Hey Ramya..

America will be a boring experience if u live somewhere is Silversrpings..or some other place in MD.. Actually when i landed in Us for the first time.. I was like.. was this all i was.. totally hyped about??.. no.. actually nothing will thou find in your search..for America.. Except Well planned cities.. done for the people living now hundred years ago.. Money.. and real cappacinoo...

I flew out of dulles this september 8'..

Ny will be a better expericne..


2:37 pm

Blogger sanchapanzo said...

I did like Lincoln Memorial though, the frontage of which is a pool, the one that Tom Hanks crosses in Forrest Gump when he meets his girlfriend after the war.

Enjoyed reading the reference to Forrest Gump!

3:17 pm

Blogger Swahilya said...

Makes interesting reading. I'll check the office account, but I have no hopes cos it doesn't work in my case. May send to

3:18 pm

Blogger Ganesh said...

If you are still in DC
kindly mail me.
I will make sure you have a super south indian meals. :)
Vera enna veetu sapadudhaan.Having come all the way here, you can also meet a fellow blogger :)

8:39 pm

Blogger SamY said...

well US is quite borring ... unless u know a gud crowd of indians :) ... u can never change an indian u know ;)

what makes it spl? ... its the closest place to home ... enuf indians to ensure that

in fact I felt people had more respect :) for our culture and customs n art more than ppl down here :( ... dhandia dance for 10 nights :-o all over ... well therz plenty u'd miss ...

if u get a chance get to one of the big time cultural fests in close by premium univs ... thats total fun ;)

yeah go to NJ n u'd find it as gud as mambalam ... n I'm not exageratin here

just that trite things in life r simple there ... n of course the weekend freakout syndrome :)

well that place is also made of earth n sand ... just that life is a little easier ... unless u r an veggie :))

but if u luv treks, n physical stuff n traveling ... thats the place to be :)

so just have fun ;)

10:31 pm

Blogger Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

It takes time to for this country to "sink" into you. Enjoy while you are here

7:20 am

Blogger Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

It takes time to for this country to "sink" into you. Enjoy while you are here

7:20 am

Blogger Saravan said...

enna minnal mathiri ny vanthuttu poitinga. missed u in ny. hope u had a good time in ny.

8:00 am

Anonymous F e r r a r i said...

I like it. Your travelogue and the frequency in which you are updating your blogs. Looking forward to more :-)

Pssst. Photos enga?


9:58 am

Blogger Arun Cavale said...

Oh yes, do visit NYC if you can..the place has so much of energy, its rather hard to miss the rush:-)
You shud be able to see atleast the 8-10 must sees in a day, unless you ofcourse insist on going up the crown of the liberty lady...Let me know if you are visiting NYC and need a quick 1-day itinerary...

11:03 am

Blogger None said...


no wonder they say, life is one long search, from beginning to end! :)


7:35 pm

Blogger None said...


hey,I know, I know. i'm just going to write the new york bit!

7:36 pm

Blogger None said...


hi! yes, you know when they show you the place, there is a strange sense of familiarity!


7:37 pm

Blogger None said...


o.k. but now that i've begun to blog, mailing has come down.when i do mail, i'll keep that in mind.


7:38 pm

Blogger None said...

well, samy, i guess its true of everywhere... but in new york, you dont even need the crowd. however, i jump ahead of my next post, i'll save the best for later! :)


7:39 pm

Blogger None said...


aaahaa, nalla saapaadu miss aayiduche! florida pakkam vanthu, nebraska pakkam paraka porom! :)


7:40 pm

Blogger None said...


thanks for the link! I'm trying it out. nice speaking to you!
as for the laptop, i'm looking at the net, but i'll look at options in LA, or i'll have to lug more stuff around!:)


7:41 pm

Blogger None said...


minnal ennoda bike! :) but yes, we're on lightning visits - or you cant cover the coast-to coast thingie in three weeks! but, not to worry. i'm coming back to ny for sure!


7:42 pm

Blogger None said...


time, computer irunthuthuna prachanaye illa...:)
yes, pics are coming up.


7:43 pm

Blogger thennavan said...

Ramya, I am back here in DC. We missed each other by a hair's whisker both at the other end and here. Send me your contact info to my indusguy account and we can talk while you are going across from coast to shining coast :-)

5:09 am

Blogger Twin-Gemini said...

...And Chicago too!

And for food, Mexican cuisine comes pretty close to Indian food, so if you see the Mexican fastfood chain Chipotle, do give it a try. Some Burger King's have a Veggie Whooper. And some McDonald's have started having veggie dishes as well.

5:44 am

Blogger None said...


hmmm... missed by a whisker! but there are going to be opportunities ahead of us!


4:08 am

Blogger None said...

hey evil twin!

hmmm... i get the point and i know some joints are o.k. but not here in nebraska, where they think cows are made to be eaten! bleeahhhh!



4:09 am

Blogger jon said...

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11:02 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll starting comparing the Potomac to Cooum next.

9:44 pm

Blogger Twin-Gemini said...

Oh btw, for the F to C or C to F, conversion use this:

To convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius:
Subtract 30 and divide by 2.

To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit:
Multiply by 2 and add 30.

10:59 am

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2:54 pm

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Blogger frissko said...

what makes it so special to loads of people...atleast for the indian bourgeoisie, guess landing up in the US is perceived as being succesful..when u're just out of college u'd be impressionable enuf to fall in that pattern i guess, and once u land up there, u stay put...cos of lucre/work/inertia..

food tip - if u find a place called 'Jack in the box' (that's a chain like McDonalds or Subway), try 'Jalapenos' and 'Onion rings'...they are close cousins of our Marina beach 'Molaga bajjis' and 'Vengaaya bajjis' respectively...

4:19 pm

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3:24 pm

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