Monday, August 08, 2005

A digital species

"We must embrace both signal and noise in all its forms."

I have come to believe that man has evolved into a very digital species.

There are some very persuasive arguments to support this argument, but I shall not go into any of them. Just this...

The other day I was trying to get past a rather well-built colleague who was standing at the doorway. I said "excuse me" and "Hello" and "hey" and other such things as might have grabbed the attention of any gent/ lady in the pre-technology days. But we are in the A.D. of technology and the tall, well-built gent remained rooted to his spot at the doorway. And then, I had a this really inspirational thought bubble and I said "Beep Beep." You will just have to believe me when I say the gent quickly jumped out of the way, apologetically and it did seem as if he had just seen me.

Ta DA.

And there, digitised ladies and gentlemen of the blog world, I rest my case!



Blogger viji said...

yup.. i totally agree!
&guyz seem to be more fascinated wth mobile fones than gfs!
..always talking abt the latest models & features & tht they hv to get the expensive ones sometime soon & all tht... evn our lunch-brks r filld wth jst this talk & it gets pretty bugging.
Hey & btw...
happy Friendship day :-)

3:35 pm

Blogger srini said...

i am surprised he didnt 'pick' you and say 'hello'!!! :))

just kidding.

totally agree that the world is going nuts - over technology, over power, over money

5:44 pm

Blogger None said...


thanks and wishing you a happy friendship day as well! btw, the 'bugging' word, once indicative of insects, then of electronics is now eminently digital! :)
i too love cell phones. just that i dont have the money to buy such expensive setS! :(


7:23 pm

Blogger None said...


he din't cos he darent!
power and money have always been there, but tech, that's the latest pot of gold!


7:24 pm

Blogger P-H-A-N-T-O-M said...

surprised @ viji !!!

I thght gals were always on the mobile ignoring their BFs (if its not their BFs, who else are they *me wonders*, ok no offense meant here ) I sometime wonder if all they want to do is talk on phone....and here I'm hearing guys ignoring girls....Pollatha ulagam ada..
BTW, according to creation's
rule #99
Guys will always be intrigued by the working of mechanical (digital???) items (hows and whys) while the gals will always be intrigued by the looks and purpose of the same and NEVER SHALL THE TWAIN MEET !!!

8:29 pm

Blogger johnny boy said...

Let technology advance! If not for technology, we wouldnt be doin most of the things we do today :) For starters, lets say blogging!
Where to draw the line, seems to be the biggest problem. Forget the line ppl, let it jus advance. Ppl who wanna mis use it, will misuse it anyways, so why bother ! :)
And Ramya, lol -> about the 'beep beep' thing... :-) Guess u would make a good mobile phone ;)

1:16 am

Blogger capriciously_me said...


2:23 am

Blogger Vidya said...

it feels like we have given in to technology..can't do with it neither can we do without it..

nice blog, i have added you to my blog.


1:17 pm

Blogger None said...

johnny boy,

LOL! i'm glad i have an alternate profession ready, i could be a mobile phone!


1:34 pm

Blogger None said...


vaanga vaanga, paarthu romba naal achu!


1:35 pm

Blogger None said...


hey, thanks! :)


1:37 pm

Blogger None said...


i am,for one,fascinated by mobile phones- their technology, uses, and looks! munnadiye sonna mathiri blueberry vanga kaasu illai! :(


1:40 pm

Anonymous shyam said...

LOL @ Srini's comment :)

3:20 pm

Blogger Ghost Particle said...

beep beep as in a mobile tone, or BEEP! BEEP! as in the Roadrunner cartoon?

3:51 pm

Blogger Arun Cavale said...

"Beep Beep", that must have been the ring tone that he heeps for his Boss, or worse still, his wife..No wonder it brought him back across the digital divide...wotsay? (or shud it be "wotemail?")

5:06 pm

Blogger Subha said...

Yeah well, sometimes even when I am asleep, I have this bramai (illusion) that my cell phone is ringing! So much so that it makes me lose my peace.
"Isai kuyil nammai azhaikkindra podhu
Tholaivinil irundhaalum thoduvom dhaane..?" (Parthiban Kanavu)

Thookkathil irundhaalum, naan alari adichikitte thoduven..:)

1:33 am

Blogger None said...

ghost particle,

someone will have to fill me up on the roadrunner thingie... i HATE not knowing and this is the second time i've heard this...


4:30 pm

Blogger None said...


en worse still wife sollareenga... sila peru worst ever boss, better still wife solluvanga...



4:31 pm

Blogger sharana said...

humans....a digital species...a very trite has taken over so much precedence....thats its a surprise if someone isn't influenced by it...nice way of making the guy move...guess thats what he hears alot!!!!

4:08 am

Blogger REFLEX said...

a Beep Beep to all who has this attitude :).

9:25 am

Anonymous sj said...

funny :-)

10:02 am

Blogger madhavan said...

but.....all these modern communication means fail miserably in a crisis...atleast in India.. as we had seen during the mumbai deluge!

11:27 am

Blogger None said...


hey, welcome! :)and do keep coming back!


12:54 pm

Blogger None said...


it is, isnt it? :)


12:54 pm

Blogger None said...




yes, even during the tsunami we had complete jamming of lines here... just super-anxious humans clogging the network! they'll just have to get unlimited bandwidth and that is not too far away...


12:58 pm

Blogger Twin-Gemini said...

Quite funny :-)

11:52 am

Blogger Bud Wiser said...

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1:47 pm

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