Friday, July 08, 2005

Eureka! A one-act play.

Act 1, Scene i

(A brown executive chair, a computer on a table. Office atmosphere - you hear the clack of the keyboard in the background.)

Slowly a laugh rises (villainous) above the general clatter, reaching a crescendo, from the region of the chair. It swivels around and a young (!) woman in a mild-yellow salwar kameez pumps her fists with joy!

" Tee ha ha ha! I fixed the bugger!"

The scene concludes on more villainous laughter...

Act 1, Scene ii

Several curious onlookers turn their heads towards the direction of the laughter. One middle-aged male in a light cream shirt makes bold to ask, " So, who did you fix?!"

Young woman: "Tee Ha HA ha ha! My comments section. That's what I fixed! I don't have to go with Haloscan anymore!"

Gent scratches hair on head. "EH?"

Young woman: "O, it is to do with my blog, you know. I've been trying since yesterday."

Gent: "Uh huh"

Exeunt gent, as puzzled as before.

Act 1, Scene iii

Spotlight on swivel chair. Gently move light upwards to focus on the keyboard in front, showing the young woman's hands. Shift once again onto monitor. Words appear on the screen, open to a blogsite...

"Folks! I'm glad to announce that I finally figured the way to put my blogger comments back on! So all you have to do is to click on the "Make a Comment" link and you'll have aided me in my campaign against Haloscan, the big gyp. Thank you very much and may the Force be with you!"

Young woman reads the screen again and grins to herself. Slowly, the grin expands morphing into a villainous laugh... "Tee Ha ha ha ha..."
She switches off the computer. Turn off spotlight. The stage is completely dark.
Only the laughter rolls on...

(Curtains down)
The End



Blogger padmaja said...

that was a nice way to communicate the message across rather than in dull boring standardised ways :)

10:24 pm

Blogger srini said...

indeed a nice innovative communication mechanism. i too subscribe to this. i have used that a couple of times in my organisation - when i was publicising my top managers blog internally. i sent out screen shots of the blog talking about the blog itself!!

i guess the impact was good.

10:27 pm

Blogger SamY said...

therz nuthin like gettin rid off the bug ... been doing that for a profession so know what it feels like ... esp if ur stuck with it for days / weeks ... n then when it dun feel like standing up n shouting out Eureka Eureka!!! ... wonder how the world wud reach to that ;)

all I get to do it stand up ... streeeeeeeetch ... luk at the place around (luk down @ the ppl there) ... n of couse return home with the attitude of a conquering hero ...

n usually not 2 late its yet another bug ... the cycle continue ...

ha ha ... nice presentation ... very graphic ;) ...

10:40 pm

Blogger anantha said...

Ummmm.. but why would you want to have comments on the main page? Its a nice touch, but in case you have a really interesting post with more than 20 comments, those 20 comments are gonna appear on the main page...You might wanna do something about that. And the way I look at it, u just need to include the comments code in between Itempage tags!
I have been a silent reader for sometime now, though I think I did comment on some previous posts. Anyways, will be on here from time to time :)

10:57 pm

Blogger VC said...

Nice touch!
BTW, is this some new directorial technique - with 2 scene iii's and no scene ii (just being my anal retentive self)....

1:00 am

Blogger capriciously_me said...

aaaaahhhaaaaaaaa idhuku poi intha scene-a? indha maadiri subject vechu play ezhudhina thakkali dhaan ;)

2:58 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ennama ethuku poi evlo koovara...nan kuda etho puthu vaccum cleaner kandupuchio nu thane nenachen

5:09 am

Blogger keerthi said...

Ramya Madam,

with so much of comments expected, it is not a good idea to have them on main page. As it would take a lot of loading time. Just leave a link, and make the comments window open on a Pop-up.

So, thats Act 1, Scene Vii

The Swivel chair lay motionless. We see a face behind the monitor. We can see just the eager eyes looking in.. thinking... She seems to be reading one of the comments. The young woman is thingking (we play a soft music in the background).

Then the clutter of keyboards again. The screen says, Blog Published 100%.

"Teeee Haaw haaaw Ha ha !". The middle-aged man comes up again. "Now what ?"...

"My comments section, i tried to tweak it and it worked.. you know.. that saves space on my page".

Gent this time is not giving up "Great. I understand..", turns back to his seat with a confused look "What the..."

The young woman, starts typing...
"The Force be with you, but you gotta click.."

6:55 am

Blogger Ganesh said...

naan haloscan vazhiya comment pannirukken, but anyway here it goes Tee Ha ha ha!!!

7:25 am

Anonymous Ravi said...

Readers are perplexed as to who exactly is this 'young woman' in question?! ;)

9:51 am

Anonymous F e r r a r i said...

beem boy beem boy. Andha blogger(mallu tone il padikkavum)comments ellathayum eduththu indha haloscan moonjula veesi eri :-D

11:25 am

Blogger johnny boy said...

Haha .... Good one... A case of "Much Ado about something" :))
You have put it across quite well! :)) Good read...

2:32 pm

Blogger None said...


thanks! :) i was going to write only the dialogue portion of Act1, Sc.III, but then i decided, what the hell! :)


2:46 pm

Blogger None said...


i'm sure the impact would be better. indeed there are a 1000ways to do things, if we want to! :)


2:47 pm

Blogger None said...


maybe you should just get up one day and shout eureka! and then, stand and grin and watch the reactions of your colleagues!

on the other hand, if i was a bug-fixer, i'd probably stand up and yawn too... :) except, i don;t know any formal html, so i'm just figuring it out myself and that's all the fun learning! :) small stuff you get done, seems like a big thing!


2:49 pm

Blogger None said...


i agree. i dint intend for comments to show on mainpage, but the link dint work last night for some strange reason. fixed it though, this morning! :)


2:50 pm

Blogger None said...


:) fixed that typo now... how does your anal retentive self feel now?


2:51 pm

Blogger None said...


thakkali vantha paravayillai. muttai vantha naatham thangathu... athu than naanga dairiyama blog-la ezhutharom! :)



2:53 pm

Blogger None said...


:) good one! :) except my middle aged gent wouldnt in his life say, "What the..." he might say something in tamil that sounds similar, but then....this is not that kind of a blog, so i wont mention it! :)


2:54 pm

Blogger None said...


rendu commentukkum nandri. rectify panniyachu... ippo paarunga...



2:55 pm

Blogger None said...

ah thambi!

then you'll just have to keep guessing! :P


2:55 pm

Blogger None said...

johnny boy!

thanks! glad you liked it...:)


2:57 pm

Blogger WA said...

Nice one Ramya.

Ravi aanalum ungallukku dhairiyam jaasthi dhaan!

7:02 pm

Blogger None said...

wicked angel,

thanks! :)
athuthan akka-nu solitare... kudumbathula ithellam sagajam than... apadinu sollika vendiyathuthan! :)


9:00 pm

Blogger madhavan said...

Anyway..comments in a separate page is better and convenient in many ways!

9:25 pm

Blogger madhavan said...

by the way, in the mainpage the pic does not appear alongside the comment as it does in the popup page!

9:32 pm

Blogger Praveen said...

arey haan ramya ji, This-ku only this much build up-a? Brown chair, spotlight...looked like Kaun Banega Crorepati program :)

One suggesan...why don u make the blogger comment box popup from the main page itself? Like the haloscan thingy? :-?

1:42 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Congratulations. Your determination did it yet again.

9:36 pm

Blogger Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

"Minal" Ramya, The story is good. But, why show your ire at haloscan. Poor "guy", leave him alone! (hehe, I use haloscan for my comments and I like it!!!)

9:20 am

Blogger Parii said...

Good lord, I'd been contemplating the exact same thing for the last few days, but just didn't have as much courage as you :-(

10:25 am

Blogger Arun Cavale said...


Good foryou..I've been contemplating this change myself..Haloscan seems to suck big time these days...the comments count doesn't update, and most irritatingly, older comments seem to have gone missing...what nonsense i say!

10:35 am

Blogger None said...


come, girl, go at it! :)


2:51 pm

Blogger None said...


Haloscan sucks, of course. convert! :)


2:55 pm

Blogger None said...


:) i'm glad haloscan's behaving with you! but, you know, H is a rather pesky imp! you never know when he's going to throw a tantrum! :)


2:58 pm

Blogger None said...


persistence is the only way! :) considering my ignorance in the area.



2:59 pm

Blogger None said...

that is a great idea!now, tell me how to do it! :)
ithukke, kashtapattachu... :(
oru html classukku pogalam-nu nenaikaren...


3:01 pm

Blogger None said...

yes, madhavan,

but that is something i cannot fix, i think. it's a blogger specification. but of course i could be entirely wrong...


3:02 pm

Anonymous Drragonn said...

Yenna konjum mega serial madri irruku....

Forgive me if u feel offended

4:11 pm

Blogger evolving_everyday said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Still laughing !!!!!!!

5:38 pm

Blogger Praveen said...

Not able to paste the code here...blogger scolding me...mail id pls :)

6:12 pm

Blogger None said...


offended? of course i am. ivalavu chinatha ezhuthivechirukken... atha poi neenga mega serial-nu sollareenga? mini serial-nu venumna solunga....:)


8:03 pm

Blogger None said...


hey! :) this laugh is infectious! :)


8:04 pm

Blogger None said...

praveen, takkunu oru mail thattunga... :)



8:05 pm

Blogger Praveen said...

uve got mail :)

8:41 pm

Blogger ~phobiac~ said...

Young ! woman-a ?....yaaru athu ?

9:16 am

Blogger keerthi said...

Praveen and Ramya,

You dont need HTML Tweaks to display Comments on a pop-up.

Simply sign into your dashboard, click on Change settings.

Click on Comments sub-tab, there you'll find an option to facilitate the pop-up comment culture.

Smile twice before you click yes, and republish your changes after a save.

Come to, when you are done, and double click the adsense (thats service charge for the walkthrough).

9:29 am

Blogger jax said...

lol...nail biting stuff!! :D

3:24 pm

Blogger Praveen said...

I guess thats already done coz u get the comment window in pop-up only when u post a message (??)

Certain templates take u to a seperate comments page, like this one..faced it with my template too after speifying for I guess the HTML needs to be tweaked..

So...I get the AdSense click... :)

4:58 pm

Blogger ZuluBoy said...

haha.. hilarious.

7:29 pm

Blogger None said...

hey, praveen,

work pannalaye?! :(

3:10 pm

Blogger None said...


this is too late, but the popup is indeed activated. this is something else...:(



3:11 pm

Blogger None said...




3:11 pm

Blogger blogSurya said...

Inspired by Ammani,I dedicate my first "crispy tale 1" to all the bloggers.

I expect all your comments and encouragement.

9:44 pm

Blogger Karthik Narayan said...

superbbbbbbbb... hi am karthik narayan, fellow jurnalist from chennai. i read and follow ur columns regularly.. ur really awesome.........

karthik narayan from chennai here. gonne turn 24 cometh 26th july. read my blogs @,

1:20 pm

Blogger None said...


i did see your blog, just dint have time to leave a comment, but now, i will!
good luck and cheers!


10:25 pm

Blogger None said...

kathik N,

hmmm... that was very flattering. and hey, thanks! :)
which paper do you work for, now?i'll come by and see your blog! :)


10:26 pm

Anonymous deepakjeswal said...

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10:34 am

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