Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Of small big things...

Several small things happened to me last week giving me big joys. For various reasons, I have not been able to write about them, but I guess it is time to record these small big joys of my last week. Here they are, in random order, I'd like to say, but actually preferentially sequenced.

You might remember Baby Krishna. On the other hand, you might not. But I am not likely to forget that fiesty fighter in a long while...if ever.
I knew she had it in her, considering her baby-battle was bloody brave. It still was a pleasant surprise when I received, from her doctor, an SMS out of the blue, mid week, telling me the baby was doing very well, meeting all her parameters and had put on some weight indeed! I am glad that little one has won the battle, I hope she has a great future and I'm touched they wanted to tell me.

* * *

I met Ilayaraja. That should suffice, however, I'll throw a context in. It was during the pre-launch press conference. I asked a question too, but that part of it is mighty irrelevant.

* * *

Last week was unbearably hot. In fact, it was just as I believed I could hear the faint sounds of Nero's fiddle that it rained. Mildly heavy showers cleared the air and drenched me completely, as I carefully rode my bike home in the chill, darkness. I took a circuitous route and I'm glad I did, because it rained only in Egmore and Nungambakkam - Mount Road was as dry and dust as it generally is.
Sniff! Sniff! I now have a bad cold-running to fever and body ache, but again, that is irrelevant.



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