Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bloggers' Park

It probably is way too late to put this post up. Certainly, in journalistic parlance, it has lost its currency/shelf life.
Nevertheless, considering it is about bloggers and that so many people have put this up on their sites, here goes:
My story on blogger meets in the Sunday Magazine section of The Hindu.
It is available on the June 12 edition of the Magazine and in case you want to see the real thing, it did appear in all our editions, so you can see it in your own city..
It is probably my most-read story till date, which is flattering. Number of hits on that story has been in the range I'd want all my stories to have! So, thanks a ton for reading, responding, answering my blog-meet questionnaire and commenting on this blog!
Hmmmm... Maybe I should become a Blog Reporter! :) What say,eh?!



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