Saturday, July 23, 2005

Batt(l)ing an obsession!

Truth to tell, I think my Muse ran away because she had a sneaking suspicion of my growing addiction. Perhaps she thought I was being adulterous - to my blog.
However, my latest addiction is a game. Yeah, right, an online computer game, that involves the use of the four direction keys on the keyboard. For my part I have a sneaking suspicion that they have narcotics stashed into the software, for it simply is irresistible.
Tell me, has anyone else fallen prey to Stickcricket?! Say yes and comfort me, for right now, I feel like a dolt, inferior, shattered and defeated, all because my Sri Lankan team has been beaten black and blue, of all teams, by the Bangladeshis! I guess this is the only turf THOSE guys win on!
My joys are when Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh, India beats Goughies XI and England, when my batsman hits fifty and raises his bat to acknowledge it, when the same guy raises a century and takes a bow... Ah, for a feeling of virtual achivement, try winning on stickcricket.
It's red skin is burned in my memory, much like Harry Potter's scar, throbbing every time I switch on my computer and every once so often, urging me to strap up and pick up the bat.
I've forced myself to write this, even as my shaking right hand (withdrawal symptoms) strays to the mouse, guiding it to the red-orange page once more. I write this hoping that it will exorcise my current addiction, nay, obsession.
Sigh! Blogging was so much more fun!

* * *

I'm off to Kathmandu next week and I do not anticipate access to computers. Well, at any rate, I don't think I can play online games. So, if nothing works, that might. If that still doesn't, I'm thinking of signing up for a de-addiction course at the same place Matthew Perry got his!

* * *

Thanks, Curses for drawing my attention to the 50 K drawing up on my hit-counter. I certainly could not have seen it through the red haze. And thanks all, for coming here, if only to look at my sunset! May the Force be with all of you!



Blogger IBH said...

I would join u to recover from yeah! let us de-addict :)

Kathmandu? official or unofficial?

*grrrr* :(

50K? hindu office le idhulam than nadakuradha?:)

9:30 pm

Blogger None said...


yeah, i hope it happens fast. i mean the de-addiction, dont mind being hooked onto blogging though!
kathmandu on work! :( for the orientation meeting of a fellowship to write on TB/HIV AIDS that i was awarded.

re: Hindu. aaahhaaa... intha mathiri kelvi ellam ippadi public-a pottu udaika koodathu!


10:08 pm

Anonymous Nandu said...

Oh, trust me, there are enough of us stickcricket addicts out there. You are DEFINITELY not alone. And though I dont want to sound like I'm boasting, losing in the game, is pretty much not acceptable. You'll get used to hitting sixes at will soon!!

11:59 pm

Anonymous shyam said...

Whoo hoo, Kathmandu! You certainly get around, Ms Kannan! :)

12:32 am

Blogger Harish said...

ur right.. it IS addictive!!

Nice to see a lanky Shane Warne for a change :)

btw, neenga Muse odi pochu-nu dakalty kaamchadhu podhum.. u'll get her back when ya return from Kathmandu.. Have fun. Take a lotta snaps! :)

10:56 am

Anonymous Ravi said...

Wow!! 50k visitors. Super-o-super! Congrats! Glad to see you back with your posts.
Hmmm..Kathmandu, eh? Wow! Seems like somebody told me about it...can't recall when/where! ;)

11:37 am

Blogger johnny boy said...

Maybe i should not have visited your blog! :(
Now even i have become addicted! :) I did not know about this thing before. And being the cricket freak that i am, it dint take long to get addicted... THANKS TO YOU! lol... jus kiddin ya
My dads gonna disown me, when this month's internet/phone bill comes! Keep one place/seat ready for me, at the Hindu office ok va? :-) lol

2:46 pm

Blogger johnny boy said...

Ramya, nice to know that u will be goin to Kathmandu... Have heard its a lovely place.. Take lotsa snaps...
Wishin u a happy journey and an enjoyable time there!
take care...

2:48 pm

Anonymous deepakjeswal said...

Hi Ramya...u coming to my town? A warm welcome to Kathmandu. Hope u hv a wonderful stay here and enjoy the place. Its raining here these days and is absolutely beautiful .

Should u need any help/assistance please do let me know. (

Regards DJ

6:25 pm

Blogger None said...


hey, i'm getting betterer and betterer... actually winning tournaments...:)


8:27 pm

Blogger None said...


hmmm... this is just work, shyam. dont know if i can get to see the sights...


8:28 pm

Blogger None said...


yaan petra inbam... peruga... etc...:) welcome to the gang!
yeah, i hope to take lotsa pics, and like deepak says, its raining and beautiful there...


8:29 pm

Blogger None said...


yeah, it does sound familiar doesnt it!? :) concerned citizen you!


8:30 pm

Blogger None said...

johnny boy!

get broadband! :) will keep dad and you busy and happy! :)
yeah, looking forward to kthmdu though it is going to be largely work!


8:31 pm

Blogger None said...

wow! deepak, never knew you worked in heaven! :)
what's the temp there? sweaters are needed, eh? i'll mail you tom... will the indian sim card work there?


8:32 pm

Anonymous deepakjeswal said...

Hi Ramya, will wait for ur mail. Yes, Indian Sims do work here if u hv intl roaming. And no, sweaters not required. Waiting for ur mail.
Rgs, DJ

9:33 am

Blogger capriciously_me said...

u get paid to blog from office & also go on international tours?? ramya, plz abt that gumaastha velai i asked u bfore? *scratching my ears* ;)

1:18 pm

Anonymous F e r r a r i said...

Wow. Kathmandu!!
Waiting for pictures. And yeah, looking forward to meet ya soon :-)

P.S. 50K adichadhukku vaazhthukkaL. Oru panneer soda treat yerpadu pannavum

2:04 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Have a nice trip to Kathmandu and comeback with a momento to all of us out here.

Ferrari sonna madhiri 50K cross panninadhukku oru treat definittta veynum. already Activa treat pendinga irukku. Last time engala ellam spencer plazalla waitingla vittu subway bill kodukka vitutteenga.

Lastly, "And thanks all, for coming here, if only to look at my sunset!" This statement does not look very positive. May I, as a well wisher, seek the meaning of this statement.

3:26 pm

Blogger dumbs said...

my roomie is addicted to stick cricket. i let him play about 8 overs and then distract him so much that he'd eventually lose even if it is 10 runs to win.

10:06 pm

Blogger kS said...

Hitwicket is kinda spooky...

5:11 am

Blogger Twin-Gemini said...

Nalla vellai, nan online game ellam try pannale, pannirundenna I will not have any time to sleep at all. Blogging + Xbox + music + movies + discos, itself is too much to handle.

10:33 am

Blogger viji said...

hey, enjoy ur katmandu trip & come bck & blog abt it!!

6:51 pm

Blogger B said...

Hey Ramya,

Naanum stickcricketku bayangara addict.. its a gr8 time pass..

9:55 pm

Blogger keerthi said...

oh yeah ! Sunset !

7:17 am

Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

I don't like computer games..but being a cricket player ( ex)...I like this game..Very interesting, thank you.!

12:14 pm

Blogger Ayoye said...

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12:30 am

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Anonymous Chris Berry said...

Hi Ramya,

I would just like to appologise on behalf of myself, Chris Berry of Advergamer Ltd in the UK and the development team of Cann Creative in Australia. We have made a monster that has so far resulted in 1 Divorce, 5 people losing their jobs countless failed degrees and that is just the ones we have actually been told about!

I hope you've got over your addiction, but whatever you do, make sure yoiu don't download the mobile version! It will be the end of you ;)

9:03 pm


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