Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pleased as punch!

I've been meaning to take this test for a long while, but actually did, only today! And as a sincere fan of holocaust history, I'm pleased as punch! P-L-E-A-S-E-D!
Could not have asked for a better Classic Movie to be!

I'm tagging everyone who reads this and has not done it already, as long as you promise to come back and tell me what classic movie you are! :)



Blogger Suderman said...

I was the first to say it then.
first to say it again.
Ramaiyya is Sokka Thangam!
he he!

3:22 pm

Blogger None said...

i took the leader test also and i dint put it up cos i was TOO EMBARASSED! :)
seri thambi, what movie you be?


5:16 pm

Blogger johnny boy said...

Hey ramya ..
Me back after quite a long break! Hope u faintly remember me! Read all about your US trip, here... Coming to my Movie - guess what - I am The Godfather!!! Cool no? ;)
Hope you are doin good.. Would be really nice if you could drop by, at my blog.. A journalist's opinion of stuff - is something that i value a lot!

7:05 pm

Blogger johnny boy said...

Btw, now we are really curious to know which leader you are ;) Please spill the beans :D

7:13 pm

Blogger Swahilya said...

I didn't have time so I thought would take 9 questions - I was Saddam Hussain. Thought OK now 18 questions - I was Saddam again.
Next - 27 questions I became JFK and finally all the 45 and I was Mahatma Gandhi. Didn't I have time indeed?!!

8:56 pm

Blogger Suderman said...

mother teresavin avataram ramaiyya sister vazhga!!

1:35 am

Blogger frissko said...

at the end of 18 qs, i was 'Apocalypse now' claims "You are Apocalypse Now. You are a rogue wanderer on the winding river of life, searching after your shadow self."...and i dont know what to say...

1:26 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

You and me both, Rums :) What nice people we are! ;)

8:32 pm

Blogger Sowmya said...

same pinch ;-)

8:39 pm

Blogger Raj said...

I am Einstein and Apocalypse Now. What a deadly combination.

Good fun.

9:51 pm

Blogger Sriram said...

LOL.. I was JFK.. (Damn.. if someone ever thinks of shooting me, look at what classical movie I am!) and.. movie : The Godfather.

7:39 am

Blogger Arun Cavale said...

I was "Sunset Boulevard" and "Mahatma Gandhi"!!!!!

This is unbelievably unbelievable:-)

12:30 pm

Blogger Ganesh said...

Hey interesting
I was Easy Rider and Albert Einstein


3:31 am

Blogger None said...

johnny boy, er... don corleone

:) ... i'll drop in to your site.


4:50 pm

Blogger None said...


hmmm... I know a few others, quite different from you who were also mahatma gandhi! :)


4:51 pm

Blogger None said...


hmmm... :)


what can i say but :))

ur schindler too? and what leader? :)


7:08 pm

Blogger None said...


ouch! i guess it is the up bringing then? eh? :)
i'm mailing you now.

Plus Ultra,

wow! i could be jealous of that!


Talk of co-incidences! :) but man, you should watch your back! given you are what you are! ;)


7:11 pm

Blogger None said...


yeah, really, it is an odd combination. wonder...


even einstein din't have such an easy ride in the beg. you must be lucky. very lucky.


7:15 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

Didnt do the leader test, Rums... will do so and let you know if it's not embarrassing ;) If it IS... then I'll tell you if you tell me!

7:40 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

Me again Rums, I took the leader test - I'm Einstein! *lol* Who are you? (You can tell me in confidence by email!) heheh.

7:44 pm

Blogger Sriram said...

I KNOW!!! this weird.. think I should eliminate all would-be assasins starting right now :D

1:52 am


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