Monday, October 31, 2005

Aaaiisss! Kuchii Aaaiiiss!

It started yesterday with a craving to eat pani puris in the middle of the night. However, last night I found out: 1. that hotels shut their chaat section first, probably because the Biharis sleep early, 2. So if you have a craving for eating spicy bhel or pani puri in the middle of the night, you are likely to be frustrated and land up with an itchy throat, 3. You might be lucky if you, meanwile, identify another craving, for instance, for Kuchii Aaaiiiceeee!

Wonder where that stick of crushed ice soaked in articifial flavours had gone all these days?! But here it was, in the three flavours of my childhood: Mango, Grape and Orange. Of course I chose grape. I would. It was my favourite flavour, except when it was a 'thiruttu' ice (and you couldn't go home with a purple tongue!

Never did think milk-icecreams were big deal when I was a kid. To me, then, nothing could rival the taste, feel or colour of a kuchiii grape ais, sold for the princely sum of Rs.two per stick. As the pocket money/dole increased, it became eminently more affordable and there were other 'new' goodies to eat like pizza and burger, but I never really tired of kuchii ais, to be eaten best with the ice melting and coloured-water running down your hand. Mmmmm. Ahhaaa, enna rusi!

I particularly loved the way the icecream man, who would be allowed inside the school gates only after hours, would reach into his wooden ice cream box and pick out a really purple grape stick, wrapped in flimsy butter paper sticking to the 'ais'. My tongue would water in anticipation!
The grape ais I had yesterday was not as good, the ice not so granulated and the taste muted, worse still, it din't run colour on my tongue, it was almost sophisticated and yet, SLUUUURRRPPP!!

* * *
I have decided that I quite like the smell of 'vedi marunthu' in the days before Diwali. When only a few crackers have gone off, when it is mild, not so acrid and tells you that Diwali is round the corner. Happy Diwali!

* * *
I also think I should write in Tamil. I wonder how.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, then, nothing could rival the taste, feel or colour of a kuchiii grape ais

u said it... rita icecream.... marina beach.. sundal...

hmmmm those days... poyE pocHu...

6:58 pm

Blogger IBH said...

enaku indha jevvarisi ice,semiya ice...adhulam nyabagam vandhuthu :((


1:09 am

Blogger Sowmya said...

do u remember, back in school, after every term exam we had to have grape ice. The last exam would usually be GK which would end early. Then it was kuchi aaiss time!! In all the years since that time I have never had a kuchi aaiss to beat that taste. Wonder if that guy still comes to school?

To write in tamizh, try, they have complete instructions to blog in tamizh.

5:56 pm

Anonymous sathya said...

hi ramya,
hey happy diwali!!!
guess wat just yesterday had a kuchi ice cream... its available at the entrance of BIG BAZAAR in Hyderabad.... princely sum of 10 rupees some day when i earn i should find it affordable :-)

6:08 pm

Blogger Badri said...

Ramya: Writing in Tamil is quite easy. Assume you have Windows XP... (even otherwise, it would work, but the steps would be slightly different. Mail me and I will explain...). Then,

1. Enable Unicode for Indic fonts. Go to Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages. There, "tick" Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai). Then click "OK". You will be asked to insert the Windows XP CD. A reboot will be required after this.

2. Download e-kalappai from
and install it in your machine. This is a free utility and allows you to generate Tamil unicode characters from Roman keyboard mappings. The mappings are fairly obvious. Uyir letters come from a, aa, i, ii, u, uu, e, ee, ai, o, oo, au, q; Mey vallinam: k, ch, t, th, p, r; mellinam: ng, nj, N, w, m, n; idaiyinam: y, r, l, v, z, L. You get uyirmay by typing mey first and follow it up with the uyir you need.

3. Alt-2 is the toggle switch from English to Tamil. Alt-1 takes you back to English. The keyman logo in the task bar switches to Tamil letter 'a' when you are in Tamil mode.

4. Go to blogger interface and type in Tamil by switching to Alt-2. You can test out your Tamil on a notepad window. You can switch back and forth between Tamil and English quite easily.

8:12 pm

Blogger Sriram said...

Heh heh! And here I was, thinking that I was the only one who loved the smell of firecrackers AND kuchi ice!!! :D.. me is still around.. so how was the trip? thought you said you were gonna right about it ;)

1:25 am

Blogger thennavan said...

Happy Deepavali Ramya :-)

2:26 am

Blogger Nanyaar? said...


Happy Diwalli :) nice post yeah miss kuchi ice cream!!

Its not worth to find out who I am, me 20 , empty headed typical tamil city born boy! doing medicine.. nothing more nothing less ;)

2:17 pm

Blogger Shyam said...

I love the smell of firecrackers too (but NOT the noise!). I like the smell of petrol as well, although I've been told before now that it could melt my lungs ;) Also lurrrve mann-vaasanai... for some reason the rain doesnt bring the fragrance of dry-earth-just-slurping-down-raindrops - possibly b'cos it rains here so much of the time!

9:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:34 am

Blogger frissko said...

liked this post..took me back to my trichy-school-days and thallu vandi ice(no cream)...for an extra 15 paise we used to get a cream-vecha-ice, which was a tea-spoon full of cream(meant for cone-ice) on top of your kuchi-ice..

1:23 am

Blogger None said...


antha naal nyabagame porume! sila samayam!


12:56 pm

Blogger None said...


ennaku javarisi ice romba pidikathu, but javarisi koozh, my patti used to make for the vaththal/vadaam at home! ummmm!


i doubt he does! :( kids these days too dont seem to fancy regular kuchi ais. different world now! and the last GK exam, yes, what memories that brings back!


12:59 pm

Blogger None said...


:) ennavo, if you have affordable fun, it is allright! :)


thanks a ton! i don't have xp in office and the comp at home has to be serviced. so i guess this will have to wait until things get sorted out! but really appreciate this and will mail you...


1:06 pm

Blogger None said...


hey! yeah, was going to write about it, but you know, things overwhelm you! (dint think it was possible though!) :)


hope you had a good diwali! we should meet next time, hopefully when one is in the city the other is in! :)
btw, take the classic movie tesT!

4:28 pm

Blogger None said...


hey! yeah, was going to write about it, but you know, things overwhelm you! (dint think it was possible though!) :)


hope you had a good diwali! we should meet next time, hopefully when one is in the city the other is in! :)
btw, take the classic movie tesT!

4:28 pm

Blogger None said...


nothing more nothing less? well, you are so wrong. when you are much older, you will sit back and think about your past and boy! you will be amazed! AS i am now! :)


4:30 pm

Blogger None said...


the earth never really gets that hot there, for the rain to emenate a rain smell, i think!
how's the job going?


4:32 pm

Blogger None said...


hmmm, antha mathiri kuchi ais naan saapitathilai. but yes, we had the thalluvandi too!

4:36 pm

Blogger Ramya said...

Uh uh aunty.. there are a few 18yr old kids like me, who still love slurping that kuchchi ais. Unfortunately its priced 5rs now. And the number of flavours seem to have multiplied. I had a rainbow kuchchi ais sometime back. Unbeatable and flavour umm.. i quite cant place it.

12:51 pm

Blogger Aruna Srinivasan said...

"...I also think I should write in Tamil. I wonder how..."

that's great Ramya. Lots of us are there to help you :-) Badri has already started his coaching. Yes. open a Tamil blog !! any help; we are there - any of us - Tamil bloggers !!


10:57 pm

Blogger Sudhir said...

Rita Ice Cream Rocked! Wonder what happened to it.

10:05 pm

Anonymous ghilli said...

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12:02 pm


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