Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ach, Grey!

I'm not a black and white person. There are greys, shades and a zillion colours in my life. I think grey is an important shade in the spectrum of colours.
And yet, now, I am sick and tired of the grey around me. The sky is grey, the puddles grey, the sea too is a nasty grey. The sun too is grey, defeated for days now, curling up behind the grey. I think my fingernails are turning pale grey too, my mind is already a grey muddle. I don't have a thing against rains- I love a good rain, the smell of rain hitting dry earth, even getting wet, but implicit in this love is the belief that it will stop: sometime. Anytime.
But these days, as Chennai becomes Cherapunji, I have to console myself with remembered visions of a glorious sun setting on an orange ocean, in Florida, in Santa Monica, in India. And the sand pipers pecking for clams on the gorgeous glowing sands. But that is for later.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

orE paduththal :-). life has b'come stand still

9:49 pm

Blogger Sriram said...

Understandable.... "alavukku minjinaal amutham-um nanju" :)

5:32 am

Blogger J said...

sriram..thats amudham ;)
Btw ramya, the word for manvaasanai is petrichor.check out

6:24 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

every women should read this article...

7:04 am

Blogger WA said...

Haha gone are the days of all Chennaivasis talking about the rain and molaga bhajjis to go with it :) Hope the rain eases soon though

3:20 pm

Blogger None said...

looks like my wish has come true, then! the sun was out, most of today!

6:00 pm

Blogger None said...


this time ws really havoc. everybody should wtch the day after tomorrow.


6:02 pm

Blogger None said...


is that right? hmmm. i guess english has a word for most everything.
thanks, btw.



it has, eased, but started raining this eve. all fire fighting will fail unless the water level goes down and it will not, unless the rain stops.


6:04 pm

Anonymous Morpheus said...

Ramya, amma (JJ) kovichaka poraanga that you wanted to see Sun (udaya suryan) :P

3:52 am

Anonymous senthil natarajan said...

u are tired of rain so soon a? you got a bright day yesterday..and chennai is back to form today....itz raining!

2:18 pm

Blogger Rajesh said...

How about watching Mazhai (the movie) and accepting the grey with glee.
Afterall, the next two years will see lesser grey in the atmosphere due to the rains. I am talking about the grey smoke emitted by the Metro Water trucks right on the face while maamis fight for water.

8:07 am

Anonymous sathya said...

hi ramya,

hey did u know that the human Eye can perceive 108 shades of grey?

(Eye for Detail!!!)

(hey long time no visits from u!!!)

12:31 pm


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