Saturday, November 12, 2005


This post is briefly about what is now known internationally among the Tamil speaking community as the Vadivelu Constant : "Aaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaahhhnnn..."
The primary emotion this word (is it?) conveys is one of bewilderment, as Cho Ramaswamy put it recently (Trust him to sort things out for you!), BUT it could stand for everything else you want it to stand for too. When you are angry, disgusted (to be appended with Avannaaa neee), in a good mood, stumped for words, or restrained by decency when someone is cracking a nasty at you, the good word is "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhnnnn."
The most appropriate means of using the word (again, is it?) for a strategic coup d'etat is to stress the di-syllabic vowels of Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaahhhhnn, taking a prescribed seven and a half seconds longer to deliver the vowel of the second syllable. Doing it simultaneously with eyebrows raised as high as you can get them increases the bewilderment/other emotion quotient.
Then the someone who has been cracking the nasty at you either laughs, if he/she has a sense of humour (some do, you know) or even if he/she does not, he/she is stumped in reciprocation, because what CAN one say to two vowels anyway?
An amazing return, I assure you. Not bad, considering the man after whom the Vadivelu Constant has been christened, started off as 'Michael Jackson's thangachi (sister)' an under-fed, unfunny, cackling, to-be-kicked-around-stooge whose hair stylist was an angry electrician. He sure has come aaaaaaahhhhhaaannnnnn long way since then.
You don't have to believe a word of this post, but won't hurt you to say the word the next time Chief Cruel makes that not-so-funny joke again. Aye, just say "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaahhhhnnn" and sit back to watch the response! I can already hear you thanking me for introducing you to the Vadivelu Constant. We strive to please, ladies and gentlemen, we strive to please!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:37 pm

Blogger johnny boy said...

Ramyaaa.. Neeenga vadivelu maadhiri dialogues yengalukku solli koduka.... Naanga Parthiban pola oruthan kitte maatikittu mulikke... Ithellam paathu neenga sirikke.. Nalla irruka da saaamy! :) Yenna ulagam appa idhu :)
Kelambeeeeeetaaaaa yaaaaaaa, kelambeeta ya! :)))
Jus kiddddinnnggg

11:42 pm

Blogger Nanyaar? said...

hai Ramya,

Suddenly check ure page and you've got 2 post that I havent checked.

I have been using aaaahhhhhaaaahnnn.. for quiet a while now.. was happy to find that being promoted by you..



12:29 am

Blogger UD said...

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8:46 am

Blogger Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Ramya,The title of your last few posts, have an overdose of exclamations! (see...)

Whats goin' on?

9:35 am

Blogger the Monk said...

ok, that was funny...vadivelu constant...

2:42 pm

Blogger Vanathi said...


2:53 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

"We strive to please". You really do it in great fashion.

8:04 pm

Blogger asdasdhjjf said...


Let me finish with the rolling-on-the-floor act first. Hahaha...hilarious! And a splendid description too!

5:03 pm

Blogger None said...

johnny boy

yaaru first intha comment adipaanga-nu i was wondering! :)


6:01 pm

Blogger None said...


join the club! :) let our tribe increase!


6:02 pm

Blogger None said...


what's going on? hmmmmm... maybe i'm just excited about being back to blogging? :)


6:03 pm

Blogger None said...

hey monk,

welcome, from bangalore/trichy! how's the student psyche doing now?


6:05 pm

Blogger None said...




6:06 pm

Blogger None said...


i'll come by your site. promise!


6:06 pm

Blogger None said...


hey, welcome and thanks! :)


6:07 pm

Blogger J said...

If I take 71/2 seconds to say a word, forget abt syllable...people will stop talking to me :)

4:29 am

Blogger Arun said...

Not sure if u have read this one already:

Vadivel in an interview:
Nan sari oru round thane nu oru interview ku poneen
Anga 5 per ma,
Maathi Maathi question kettainga.
Ennala mudincha varaikkum answer sonneen. Apram 4th floor ponga offer
vangikkunga nu sonnanuga
Sarinu nanum nambi 4th floor ku poneen.
Anga 8 per ma,
Avangalala evlo mudiyumo avlo question kettanga.
Dhidir nu oruthan HR ku phone a pottu...
machan.. free ya iruntha vada inga oruthan sikki irukkanu sonnan.
Nanum evlo neram than answer therinja mathiriye nadikkarathu.
Adula oruthan sonnan ,enna question kettalum samalikiranda
Evan Romba Nallavanu sollitan maaa...


12:28 am

Blogger G.Muthukumar said...

Nice Observation.. they way you write about the face reactions.. really nice..


7:31 pm


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