Monday, February 13, 2006

Of life, longing, death and love in test tubes...

Unopened envelopes from the Eurpoean Union for A, sitting in the office mail tray.
Inside, a sedate newsletter probably sits smug, never to be opened, for A has long gone to a cold place, for a better life. It reminds me of the days she was there to open them.

* * *

Huge clumps of snow whiten the lawns of Capitol, Washington DC. Not four months ago, when I stood on green grass setting African Adio's profile against the sheer whiteness, the might of Capitol. I can nearly see myself there, wrapped up against the cold, kicking the snow on the sidewalk as I walk to Kinkos. Writing American Pie - Slice 3.

* * *

Wondering what loss means to a man. Hari, if you need strength, lean on me.

* * *

Life is invitro fertilisation. The best egg with the best sperm fused in a test tube, to produce achiever kids. The doctor shakes the test tube, becomes the creator. Life giver, Goddess, who fills a mother's aching womb. Lovely babies smiling in their sleep. Digitally frozen.



Blogger fat waif said...

hey ramya, glad you still think about me, even if it when there's E.U. mail for me. may the E.U. send me many more letters! those were such good times and i miss them sorely. thinking about the 'long walk' from one end of reporting to your desk at the other end makes me smile. not sure about this being a better life though - i'm too far away from family, and the weather is so so cold! find myself dreaming of madras and bangalore all the time, imagining the luxury of being there.
anyway hope you are well... much love, me.

4:28 pm

Blogger None said...

o, i think of u more than that! wrap up and stay warm. how's ur sis now? and m?
take care.

1:57 pm

Blogger Roy said...

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Hoping to hear you..

2:47 pm

Blogger None said...


welcome! good luck with your blog.


3:03 pm

Blogger bharat said...

all links except Hari's don't work. looks like an extra "http//" crawled in.

6:22 am

Blogger None said...

yeah, bharat,
i noticed that. but it is resisting all attempts to correct those hyper links. do you have a solution? does anyone have a soln?


1:02 pm

Blogger None said...

uh-huh. seems to have rectified itself! time lag, eh? thanks all the same, bharat.


1:05 pm

Blogger hari said...

Thanks so much Ramya. You are really the true definition of a friend. Wil be ever obliged to you for these heartening words.

1:10 pm

Blogger tarun said...


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5:23 pm

Blogger None said...


anytime. hope you are feeling better.


6:59 pm

Blogger None said...

how the hell do spammers get in despite the word verification?

6:59 pm

Blogger Nanyaar? said...

Can I get a shoulder tooo?? :P

8:58 pm


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