Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why Lok Paritran

Now that the cat is out in the newspaper, I can talk about Lok Paritran, without really endangering my job! :)
I seldom do this, but here is a link to my story on the Lok Paritran in The Hindu.
I was at their public meeting in Mylapore yesterday night and frankly, I was suprised at the crowd that had gathered there. In fact, it reminded me of college culturals, when the prizes are being announced.
Truth to tell, I'm sceptical of their chances this election season. Mylapore is where their focus is, but strangely, as it were this time, all the four candidates opposing DMK's Napoleon (S.Ve.Sekhar, Chandralekha, Americai Narayanan and Santhanagopalan) will be fighting for the same pool of votes: 'middle class, educated.'
However, like I keep telling numerous critics of the movement who have complained: "There has been too much publicity for a party that has done nothing!", it takes some to stand up and take the call. Espcially, when you can easily be doing something else.
As such, I think they should be given a chance. Damn them if they dont measure up eventually, but don't deny yourself the chance of finding an alternative in a State where the Dravidian parties have held sway for close to 40 years now!



Blogger Kaps said...

Do you have any idea whether they LP plans to continue in politics even if they lose their deposit this time?

10:57 pm

Blogger Nanyaar? said...


Will it do if I send the postcard after three months coz, Im on my way to NY, tommorow night. And Sunday's the postoffice's are open till at about 1 pm I guess so If you email me your address before afternoon, I'll post a card.

I read your Article on the Lok Paritran. Serious everything is too new too me these days.. I never knew there was a party like this.

btw., If you dont have a card from NY I can send you one.. :D


11:20 pm

Blogger Mukund said...

having elected the devil or the deep sea every time, we can't be worse off by voting for LP this time! alas, they haven't fielded a candidate in tambaram, so i can't vote for them....unless ofcourse i'm able to make a kalla vote in mylapore :)

11:06 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish they win!
wont that be a shot in the arm?

1:08 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said...

Thinking they'll will is quite ridiculous. I feel voting for them will erode the votes that do matter…assumption being they have no chance to come to power…That’s what makes this constituency kinda build quite pointless…. irrespective of what happens in that constituency…even if they DO win in say mylapore….that party will never get the chance to truly prove themselves…

9:09 am

Blogger None said...


Am afraid, I have to disagree with you rather entirely.

our differences stem from what we consider "make a difference." (or in your words prove themselves) I think if you can make a difference even in one constituency, one area, one street, one house or one person,then whatever effort that goes into that is completely necessary.

as for building constituency, how did you think the Congress party began? Do you think that one fine day it became this huge political unit that everybody voted for?

also, the number of votes that Lok Paritran wins, if not sufficient for a win, will be sufficient to enthuse the candidates to sustain their movement.

well, if you want to vote for the AIADMK or the DMK, go ahead. we are not addressing this group. the voters of the group i'm talking of/to do not think they'd be wasting votes by voting for LP, because they'd rather not vote for anyone else.

since i dont want this to be longer than the post itself, i'll stop here.


1:42 pm

Anonymous Ramkumar said...

Even i wanted to vote for lok paritran but they r not contesting in tiruvanmiyur which falls under tambaram constituency.

Lok Paritran can still continue their support on social issues even if they r not elected.

The exit polls r giving nightmares!!


2:42 pm

Blogger SamY said...

all said and done they seem to be too idealistic ... which is what worries me

I don't thing they stand a chance ... but @ least if the public gets an awareness then maybe in the forthcomming elections they would :)

6:23 am

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Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Fully agree with you. Let alone win a seat, even if the candidates of Lok Paritran are retreive their Deposits back, I feel its a great start to a bright political future, one that would a more decent image as a profession.

12:09 pm

Anonymous Vijay Krishna said...

The trouble with LP is that no one knows anything about them. IIT is their only calling card. It's like Lee Germon becoming captain of New Zealand in his very first game. I know it takes courage to stand up, but LP has displayed not courage, just feet.

Maybe if they had done something previously, like "I've cleared up this slum, provided education for so many people etc", it would be easier to trust them. Rather, people who have been to their meetings fume that it is all plain old romanticism - no plan, no action, nothing.

The argument that "if they had power, they would do xyz" is unacceptable. Medha Patkar disproves such notions.

8:20 pm

Blogger ancient gods said...


One of the greatest blunders, acc to me committed by Lok Paritran, in their campaign, is the shabby way by which they handled their importance from the press... There was this ont time, when, Mr. Santhanagopalan, the LP candidate from Mylapore, said in a press release that they will not regret losing this time as they are here to say... The prob is that they have already conceeded defeat by making such a statement. Neither did they try to impress the illiterate masses, i.e. the majority vote, nor did they handle things well enuf to win the vote of the literates. They only deserve to loose this time, which they fittingly did! I do wish they expressed themselves as more able leaders. Contesting this time, by itself, was a blunder.

5:56 pm

Blogger ancient gods said...


I'd agree with 'r' on that! I really wonder how many people did exactly what you have prescribed! LP ended third at Mylapore and Anna Nagar. Not sure abt the remanin constituencies. They'd have probably com in second if those votes that had gone else where as a result of an attitude like yours. Well... It does make a difference!

hey 'r',

I do understand the idea and motive behind your rebuttal, but there are several flaws in your arguement...

For one, The INC = Indian National Congress is as old as Republic India itself! Which means that there was no real spade work done, with propoganda as an intention. Instead, the leaders who stayed at the forefront of the Indian Movement were in the thick of it! So, effectively, they did emerge over-night!

Two... If you are looking to impress a certain audience abt LP and spread the good word, there is really no point in adderssing the chaps that have already decided to vote for LP. My blog, ..... is addressed to an inconfined audience. I have tried to address both sides of the issue, givin opinions on PRO'S AND CON'S

6:16 pm

Blogger None said...

ancient gods,
thanks for that long reply.

Firstly: i'm NOT trying to get converts to LOK PARITRAN, am afraid. it is not my intention to campaign for them.
I'm merely voicing my opinion about the organisation. if you can read that and be influenced, good. if not, well, not too bad, cos i don't attempt to change minds on that.

as for the INC, it is older than the replublic of india. I took the example because it is what everyone, even those uninterested in politics, is aware of. The example seeks to highlight the fact that the leaders of the congress worked through the british regime, at the grass roots, before they could be elected. they had all, by the time they stood for elections, put in sufficient years of work in what they believed was defence of the nation. to showcase the fact that it is involvement with the issues of the people that eventually builds and sustains a political party.

I also used the example because, i think, the INC's idealism in 1947 has perhaps parallels with the Lok Paritran's vision for a great india, today.

and yes, i'm on my way to visiting ur blog...


6:49 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said... said so yourself - they'll need to have a good manifesto out. It was very clear that they did not have an agenda. I AM willing to give them a chance but not yet, they need to prove themselves. They've just started. I'd rather vote for the KNOWN enemy.

And really for all practical purposes winning in a constituency practically serves no purpose. Unfortunately that's how the election procedure works.

As Ramkumar said "Lok Paritran can still continue their support on social issues even if they r not elected." and I'm sure TN will be watching that closely..

Don't get me wrong...I'm dying to give anyone else a chance.

12:55 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

As you have correctly observed, Lok Paritran certainly has made a difference. To start with, they had to look for support only in the one constituency available to them - the educated middle class, which unfortunately had and continue to have many loyalties. During non-election time, Lok Paritran can work for genuine causes - a la Medha Patkar, which can provide them a wider platform.

For sincere work, Jeans and T Shirt is no taboo nor social work the prerogative of kurta pyjama or 'veshti, jippah and ungavasthram garbed politicians.

65 percent of the population is below 35 years and the seventies and eighties better bear this in mind. ( I don't belong to the below 35 brigade).

2:46 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

I wish I was in chennai...:(.....and your post made me feel strangely nostalgic....:'(

11:21 pm

Blogger kishen said...

HI, this in response to mr krishnans post ,
you sir vote (genralisation) vote for murderers and rowdies and you have the temerity to say that you cannot trust the LP party .
Is the rot set in that far that even "educated" people have a view that the party should have done something trivial before they have a right to ask the populace to vote for their party ,is it not enough that they are earnest enough to try and abolish the rot which has gripped the country.
i read about the DMK promise for one more free egg in the afternoon meal scheme , may isuggest that you enrol and get your free egg .

5:01 pm

Anonymous Sumi said...

Ever seen the blog that exposed LP's hidden agenda. Was shocked really! Do they want to militarize youths. known devil is better than unknown angels- Sumitha Raghav

9:19 pm

Anonymous brinda said...

yaay! saw how well they managed to do? now, will they please field a saidapet candidate next time? i need someone to vote for!!

3:31 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said...

Was really interested in this subject and returned to (painfully) go through sumi's link and further links from there....well I don't want to go thinking that those facts are accurate but LP still has a long way to go in setting up themselves, establishing an image and doing the right kind of PR...

Ramya, I think you should go through those links man.....some of it is quite scary...I'm beginning to wonder if their agenda IS a bit misplaced. Tell me it ain't true!

8:50 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone tell me why this guy tanmay on the lokparitran webpage is wearing a RED HITLER LIKE ARMBAND - see

6:37 am


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