Saturday, April 29, 2006

Polls, blog meet, theatre and bad technology...

It has been a poverty of sorts this blogging season. Just two posts, some screwed up page design (which I've since fixed) and of course the holidaying muse. Such a pity, because it's not as if life has been dull or uneventful.
On the contrary, in fact, with the elections providing great entertainment.
As they do every single time. I look at the whole thing as a circus that's tented in town for a really long while. The similarities are obvious: they have the jokers, the trapeze artists, the gymnasts, the fire-eaters, the animals and the ringmaster (election commission?) swishing his whip around ever so often. If only, if only it were not so crucial that we elect sensible agents of power, it would be simply hilarious; we'd just be able to kick our chairs back and laugh to our hearts content. Indeed, it is such a pity.

* * *
I actually made it to another bloggers' meet, despite my rather maddenning schedule. I'd played hookey so many times to feel guilty enough to attend this one, convened jointly by Hari and Ravi. There were meant to be more, but we landed up be a rather comfortable foursome, with Princess Pavithra bringing up the tail. Now, she SO looks like a friend of mine from college that I wondered for several moments if she was indeed what she said she was! :) But, boy, it was fun with lovely aloo bondas at Woodlands Drive-in.

* * *
As was Tim Supple's MiDsummer Night's Dream (no aloo bondas in this one, but a rather dainty hand-fan). The Indo-Sri Lanka production, which used at least six languages, much acrobatics and some good music was quite an entertainer too. It put the purists off completely, and predictably too, but as I am inclined, these days, towards an appreciation of experiments with form in art, I was definitely pleased.

* * *
It has been a completely bad technology month for me. Blogspot was just one bad egg in the basket. A newly purchased second hand computer and a brand new UPS are giving me problems. Mercifully May is just a day away and it might be different. Hotter, yes, but also better luck? Eh?



Blogger SamY said...

:)) circus aakiteengela idhe ... he he

but after seeing that ad for colour T.V. from thatha n the volleys of accusations, I gt agree this is certainly a comedy show ... unfortunately we'r just not spectators

n no word about lok paritan

9:33 am

Blogger Sriram said...

so bad that you HAD to publish the same post twice? :P... btw, me is no longer unemployed grad student ;)

12:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At last I get to read a new post!
Yippppeeee Ramya is back in action!
PS - circus? he he
aloo bonda? could you???

5:35 pm

Blogger None said...


nichayama ithu circus than. dont want to blog bt lok paritran, cos i have to be writing a story and i dont want to be accused of putting the blog before the vocation! :)
but coming up this week in the paper and will provide a link here...


8:59 pm

Blogger None said...


nalla seithi sollareengale! :) enna velai/vetti - nu sollave illaye! and of course, congratulations!
ippo oru post thane irukku?


9:01 pm

Blogger None said...


hmm. my lethargy was completely annoying, even to me! :)
wrt aloo bonda, do you want to reconsider your decision about thattais? :) i can still send them!


9:02 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

belcome baak!
so long time AND finally the template's back to normal AND new post!
Now I can breathe normally again...:D

12:04 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said...

Liked ya to my blog!
...actually i've been looking around for good chennai bloggers...anyway....The election run this year is quite shameful I must's a total turn off..

5:00 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said...


5:00 pm

Blogger sophie said...

i was suppossed to be there with my friend...
she was not well ..i was pissed off...
coudnt make it...
Ramya..i heard about the bonda's..

8:34 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Great to see your blog back in track and with a bang. Keep going and thanks a lot for making it to the meet despite your busy schedule. Had a great time.

11:21 am

Blogger None said...


:) sometimes it feels good to get back too ! :)


4:35 pm

Blogger None said...


thanks, but well, you can 'like' my blog too! :)


4:36 pm

Blogger None said...


yeah, the bondas were good! next time, we'll pact to meet same place and eat alu bondas! turn up! I hope I can!


4:37 pm

Blogger None said...


let's have at least one more meet before ravi leaves for b'lore. perhaps more ppl can come over this time...


4:39 pm

Blogger Nanyaar? said...

I really feel annoyed with myslef for opting to stuyd far away from India, not just coz i miss the aloo bondas but all such lovely bloggers meet, and the funny part is that Finally in armenia thye plan to have the first ever bloggers conference and I end up not being here.. :(

anyways.., hope this summer brings luck and always.. :)


11:50 am

Blogger None said...


Are you in armenia?! wow! that is very interesting...
It is one of the few countries i dont have a post card from! so, now you know what to do!
wish you luck too!


7:17 pm

Blogger Mukund said...

hi ramya, good to see a new post after a long time!! and i just loved midsummer night's dream too! the rope and cloth climbing was simply awesome!

10:50 pm


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