Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lok Paritran - Much ado?

I was waiting for it to become official. Which it is now: The Lok Paritran has split. It is, going by the version of the splinter group, a brahmin-non-brahmin split in the party.

The splinter group, headed by Anna Nagar candidate Rajamany, and comprising Ilanthirumaran and Ishrayel Maheshwar, have accused the original party of being "non-secular (read anti-non brahmin), arrogant, high handed and utterly non-transparent."

To be fair, I have to say the splinter group itself is not impressive: Rajamany raves a lot about small personal sleights to himself and the lack of media attention on a man who has won over 11,000 votes. ( It is relevant to mention here that one reason why such an insignificant, ranting man has secured so many votes is probably because he had Captain Vijayakanth's symbol (the drums) in Anna NAgar.) The others are rather angry, but incoherent when they talk of the 'corruption and autocratic attitude of the key members of the original training."

There are some elements, however, if you sift through their rants, that you believe must be answered by the Lok Paritran:

* Decisions have been taken in an ad hoc manner, by the top leadership of the party without consulting the so called STate Leaders (Rajamany, Ilanthirumaran, who claim they were deseated without participative consultation after the polls.
* When I met Tanmay Rajpurohit (national president), he said the organisation would distribute the funds it collected by way of donation among all its seven candidates. He also said candidates would have to pitch in with their own funds. Splinter group claims that no funds were given to them. All was spent in Mylapore.
* So far no accounts have been presented to the other STate members.
* Ilanthirumaran claims that volunteers were asked to campaign only in Mylapore and actually restrained from campaigning elsewhere.
* There is a website that is being bandied about claiming that Purohit is a fascist. I'm not too impressed with the website, it is another rant, unsubstantive and full of bile. Besides, we know that with blogspot, anyone can create a website to say anything he wants about people he does not like. YET, I think it is time for Purohit to respond, to clarify his ideology, clarify what people are calling his pro-brahmin stand. Individuals can afford to ignore vitriolic websites, people in public life cannot.
* Are there similar objections to the party leadership in any other part of the country?

However,unconnected with all the above, the fact that these budding 'leaders' were unable to keep their stock together, is indicative of their capacities. Would you want them to govern you? Participation is a method that leaders use to keep the group together - in politics, it is not democracy, but a tool of control.

The one reason I did think that the LP was a good idea this elections was because in a true spirit of democracy, I believed anyone attempting to make a difference must be given an even chance.

Like I said earlier, damn them if they don't deliver after the elections. But it seems we don't have to do any damning. They seem to be doing a fairly good job of it themselves. Talk about being self-destructive, eh?

On the flip side,it indeed augurs well for their political future that the party has split within months of its inception in the State! What say, Hari?



Blogger hari said...

Vow Ramya,

Thanks for your immediate and lambasting response. A case of Highly educated people but without knowledge.

4:04 pm

Anonymous F e r r a r i said...

True! Let them destruct the party by themselves.

4:35 pm

Blogger SamY said...

democracy entails corruption ... I felt the party too idealistic ... since the party ppl didn't see em a beneficiaries, their only incentive is their own ideals ... n thats now challenged

it wud be such a bad e.g. if they fall apart too soon

10:10 am

Blogger None said...


yes, devoid of understanding perhaps.


We don't have to do anything extra...


some people are even questioning their ideology...

12:49 pm

Blogger Alaphia said...

Im surprised it happened so quickly... because just the other day we were talking about how they are disconnected from reality. I think some of them had a big chip on their shoulder. Good hard lesson for them.

3:52 pm

Blogger RefleXtion said...

I hate to be proved right!

7:49 pm

Blogger blogSurya said...

Being a brahmin myself,saw some of the speeches from LP members - very funny they still to improve their presentation skills in public.It certainly looks pro-brahmin.It lacks a neutral leader.

Have they anytime seen MDMK or DMK have go with some vigour to the public to convert them to votes.

Sad to see them breaking apart even before they made any impact on the society.

Encouraging for other uneducated pigs in politics.

Does this indicate something to us?

9:10 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

y r we wasing time talking abt bunch of idiots from IIT?

10:47 pm

Blogger Ambar said...

Unlike Reflextion above, I love being proved right. :D
I'd done a semi-humorous critique of Paritrana (as they were originally called) way back in Jan, here:

3:30 pm

Blogger None said...


welcome here. yes indeed, our apprehensions have been validated. but truly i must admit, i din't think they'd go this way.


ah well! and i don't mind at all being proved wrong. the thing is to learn from mistakes.


y do you bother?


if, like you, i'd have been proved right, i'd have been sad, not ecstatic.
do you realise how many youngsters, genuine and prepared to fight the battle, this is going to put off?
do you think junta is going to come out in such large numbers to vote again for youth, education or idealism? Even if they were to learn the lessons and BUILD a
political party from scratch.
it cuts off an alternative, that's what this does. THAT is not a happy thought. for me at least.


10:11 pm

Blogger None said...


but yes, i read ur blog and i agree, there are sevral contradictions in the ideological statement.

you know wht annoys me, in retrospect? that i refused to listen to my instinct which kept saying there was a measure of fascism in the Lok Paritran.

While i read their manifesto and memorandum, it smacked of the "We will make the world a better place" attitude, typical of the fascists. I decided to ignore it, or rather, suppress it for democracy.

that sounds ironic doesnt it? but, i believed in the true democratic spirit that everyone should be given a chance.

not to vindicate anything, but just to tell myself to listen to myself in future~! :)


10:19 pm

Anonymous Thamizhkudimagan said...

What kind of idiots expect a party with a sanskrit/hindi name to do well in Thamizhnadu anyway? I think about 0.05% of the people of our state know sanskrit/hindi.

2:23 am

Blogger None said...


i think u havent got it right. i never said LP would do well in tamil nadu. in these elections atleast. however, not for the rather superficial reason you have provided.


10:59 am

Blogger RefleXtion said...

think you should disable anon comments and only allow bloggers to comments....lot of trolls hanging around...

12:28 pm

Blogger drisyadrisya said...

Its funny, how much media can "create" parties and also "kill" them.

Looks like extremists are not as much in politics as is in media ! The back seat drivers ...

7:48 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

What is abominable is ego in a team effort and fear in individual pursuit. The leaders of Lok Paritran failed to function as a team. Perhaps, they did not have sufficient role clarity and clear objective. They have certainly demoralised other youngsters to come forward to stem the rot. One can hear Dr.Samuel Johnson asserting with a mischivous smile " Politics is the last asylum of a ...........

11:53 am

Blogger thebigsleep said...

A late response I know. But it is disappointed after having voted for them in the elections they have split. From this I conclude that even educated people cannot reform Indian politics.

8:48 pm

Anonymous B shantanu said...

Like a lot of people here, I have mixed feelings baout LP and their performance in recent elections and the split that followed...

I am doing a story on them for my blog...

Unfortunately, I have little reason to be optimistic:

7:25 pm

Anonymous B Shantanu said...

An update on LP, BPD, BM that you will find interesting. I look forward to comments and thoughts:

9:36 pm


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