Thursday, December 28, 2006

Am I getting back?

Very often these days, I've wondered about whether I should keep this blog alive or stab it thrice quickly, facilitate its end.
Though I've loved writing, more recently, there has been little time and even less inclination to serenade blogspot.
However, since I know this site won't shut down even if I were to abandon it now, unless I erase everything manually; and I'm not raving enough to do that right now; I guess I technically continue to blog. Come over once in a bright blue moon to read me.

* * *

Friend Nits and me go back a long way. I've discovered that she writes a nice, feel-good blog, reminiscing with just the right touch of sentiment. Je Like.

* * *

Director K.Balachander must retire. I'm afraid his latest Poi, despite excellent camera work by Biju Vishwanath and hero Uday Kiran, is a screaming disaster. The movie's proof that the great man is senile and though I feel terrible saying it, the movie was the WURSHT!



Anonymous Prabhu said...

Is it worse than Kalki?

3:33 pm

Blogger None said...

absolutely. wurshtest!

3:39 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Its an year in which the Times Magazine has decorated "YOU", which includes you, the queen and the torchbearer of the blogworld together with every member of this vociferous comunicative medium as the personality of the year 2006.

Your post at this juncture inflicts a deep stab not only in my heart but in the hearts of every existing and aspiring blogger.

The honour by the Times Magazine is for the power of our voice, which is best represented by you. So now blogging for Ramya is no longer just a passion but it is a social responsibility. I am sure you are not a person who would shy away from your responsibility.


6:04 pm

Blogger None said...

hari my friend, thank u so much for what i know are HEARTFELT wishes! wish you a great year and after reading ur comment, I'd like to keep this blog alive even if there are only two people to see it - u and me! :)


8:09 pm


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