Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cooking 'up'

my word!
five star anise,
a clutch of shallots,
sizzling on the stove,
it's a trick to keep them
not random, but
just as brown as the
quick brown fox that
jumps over the lazy dog.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry for barging in, I stepped on your blog through Subhashini's blog. I was going through your pictures and was thrilled to see a guy trying to apply resin (to a boat)in a peculiar way..I live in the US and I have seen a very similar picture of a guy trying to apply resin to another boat.

And in the Charminar clicks..guess 2 years ago..the white spots might be a product of finger prints on your lens. Happens a lot to me..My 2 cents...Cheers.


9:41 pm

Blogger None said...


gee,thanks! hardly get people going through archives and leaving comments!


8:29 pm

Anonymous brinda said...

cookin' up? crackin' up more like? watchoodoin writing pomes about typing class anyway... :-))

12:00 am

Blogger The Inquisitive Akka said...

Great!You are back!

2:57 pm

Blogger The Kid said...

ennakku idu puriave illa.

hindu crossword puzzle madiri irruku. I only know that the last 2 lines has all the english aphabets.

so, what is "cooking up"?

4:06 am


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