Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chennai Spotting -1

Can you tell where in Chennai I shot this image?
If you are in Chennai and think you know it very well, come, let's hear from you...
Much like train-spotting, only this time, a whole, burgeoning city's out there for us to play with...

P.S.Sometimes you will have to excuse poor quality of image, because my mobile phone can't serve very well under certain circumstances! :)

And in case you were to need a clue:

Where you mix food with wine
Twice hospitable and nine
Newly soaring on the skyline.

P.S.Answer in comments!



Blogger Nirenjan said...

Does this happen to be the new complex coming up at the start (or end, depending on how you look at it) of Nelson Manickam road, near the Anna Arch...

5:47 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ramya drinks ?

12:37 pm

Blogger None said...


old hotel arun/windsor park is the answer i was looking for, but urs will do fine! :)


3:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this!
do, do, do keep posting often!
And WHATTA clue!

1:12 am

Blogger None said...

I can see it is not a hot post or anything close to that, yet the indomitable Chennai spirit in me will persist!

Just in case anyone were interested the clue unravels as follows:

Where you mix food with wine - hotel

Twice hospitable and nine - 29, that's pincode for aminijikarai- where the hotel is located.

Newly soaring on the skyline. - construction...


12:42 pm

Blogger capriciously_me said...

hindu crossword-ku ellam neenga dhaan clue givinga?

9:16 pm

Blogger rads said...

wow, that's where I grew up. Nelson manickam Road, more towards Gill Nagar than Aminjikarai. Thanks for the shot :)

Bloghopped here through Kiwi.

7:06 am

Blogger None said...


antha alavukku namakku samarthiya illaye! :)


welcome! pleasure is mine! :)


11:43 am

Blogger Bipin said...

Im badly missing chennai. But get to see the changes here. thanks. It makes me feel good.

7:01 pm


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