Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Best friend

What happened to the
girl you swore you'd be
best friends with
for life.
There is no 'for life'
and women have no feet,
just wings.



Blogger Mahadevan said...

"for life" has many remissions and one walks out free.

6:19 pm

Blogger Shobha said...


11:39 pm

Blogger SamY said...

ha ha reminds me of that "who gives life time gurantee these day" ad :))

"for life" is at the moment ... change is constant ;) ... adaptability is the key

11:52 pm

Blogger i, me and my bullet said...

The other meaning of 'For Life' is 'for the time being'. This fits more for their lovers than friends.


10:11 am

Blogger dame's diary said...

Friends come and go. But there are some consistent friends you always want to be in touch with. I guess they fall in the “best friends” category. Why get stuck with just one best friend? Have as many as possible. More the merrier. Isn’t it?

3:28 pm

Blogger None said...


yes, that's put very well. though, i don't know if we walk free or in bondage. would have to think about that!


thanks for coming by.


absolutely. but sometimes u sit and think about the people u've left behind, don't u?

dame diary

again, i agree, though only partly. in retrospect, you could ask why indeed. but then, these decisions are taken when u are about eight, with just the unwisdom(!) of that age.

but i totally agree with more the merrier! :)


5:25 pm

Blogger WA said...

so true

7:23 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Mind boggling blogging by you. A research on the intent and meaning of these seven lines in this post may well run into several hundreds of pages and many years too. It would be something like the "Mona Lisa" painting research.

So it would be a real test of my competency if I were to try to comment on this. And I really do not have the confidence. Hence ..........

4:31 pm

Blogger None said...




i can't tell if ur tripping me or not!:)


4:20 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one.. it all depends on when and where you are..
If you are not clear or understand what the real life means then the meaning for 'for life' is short lived.. But once you understand the reality of the life 'for life' really mean for the years you are going to live..

Rgds, Sams

6:43 am


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