Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I think I will take a break.



Blogger Inder said...

kit kat break!? :P

3:45 pm

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

For a change, if you would like to have a Potato Bonda break, gimme a call.

5:34 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:31 pm

Blogger Harish said...

loks like an epidemic

2:19 pm

Blogger The Inquisitive Akka said...

Aiyo why? I just figured out how to do the blogroll and added you:( Please don't stop now:( You are the third person on the list who's decided to take a break:( What's happening??

2:53 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

Looking for an "Ordinary Life" to highlight, I hope.

4:49 pm

Anonymous harry said...

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2:56 pm

Blogger TLW said...

Coming here after a long time and what do i see - a break ...*sigh*

Have a nice break !!!

BTW, do you know of any agents who can help you process US tourist visas - Its for my parents !

11:37 am

Blogger None said...


fraid with the us consulate no middleman can help. go on to the USIS website and download appln forms, also book a date for interview...
sorry if i'm late with this response. but havent been here n a while...


1:35 pm

Anonymous harry said...

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11:29 am


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