Friday, August 11, 2006

What will you rather be?

Hello. If I were a glowworm, things would have worked out quite differently for me. Hmmm...
What would you rather be?



Blogger Inder said...

amoeba. no second thought about it.

4:38 pm

Blogger blogSurya said...

Me again.

7:18 pm

Blogger Nithya said...

I would rather be a dog in a good house.

7:21 pm

Anonymous Ramkumar said...

I would be Kumarmangalam Birla..the attitude to follow the book and still succeed in whatever he is doing..the brains..the humbleness..the willingness to slog all day to build a corporate empire that 'takes india to the world'..ALL AT 38!!

9:04 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter...cos then, I'll have me for a mum!
Hi hi

10:40 pm

Blogger Harish said...

someone who understood this post :)

11:06 pm

Blogger The Kid said...

Obviously Agent Smith. Right now I want to scream at my boss

"The world is mine now. MINE!"

2:45 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

I would rather never wish to be there in the first place, whatever form it may be.

10:54 pm

Blogger None said...


ah! good idea.


wow! but would you do the same things all over again, or would u like to do certain things a little differently?


:) what a pet!




4:58 pm

Blogger None said...


i dint think of it then, or i'd have wanted to be lasya! :)


ethukkupa? silathu purinja than prayojanam, silathyu puriyalena than interessting-a irukkum! :)


U don't want to be the oracle?!


Phew! That's on a completely different level, eh?!


5:01 pm

Blogger alex said...

I would rather be myself with a few changes here and there.

If i have an option of only an animal, i would choose a dolphin.

10:32 pm

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