Friday, September 22, 2006

Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu: A slick game

I finally watched a movie after a really long while. And since it has also been a while since I wrote anything but winded-tales on my blog, perhaps it is time for a movie review, without spoilers! Just for a change. :)

I have very strong reservations about the movie, but I also believe that it is the slickest, stylised action flick Tamil cinema has ever seen. O yeah, it has beaten Khaaka Khaaka hollow, Gautam Menon has come a long way since then.

So the good, first, or the bad? Hmmmmmm... Toss! The good.

The best part of the movie is its stylised presentation, very slick production values. The cinematographer has excelled: whether it is a scene in New York or Tirunelveli... However, there are times when Gautam tries a lot of trick shots, like an upside down chase scene, and several fast cuts. While it may add to the pace of the movie, my dear mr.Menon should spare a thought for people who have just about managed seats on the seventh row from the screen!

But this just only about beats Kamal Hassan, seen in what is probably his best-ever understated performance. Anbe Sivam? That required some serious acting, which of course Ulaga Nayagan Kamal will not have a problem with. Sometimes you think they don't just let him underplay. Which Gautam Menon has done, with great difficulty I'm told, but that's another tale. He has exercised remarkable control in resisting putting on his "peter act," and his English is not so accented as it is when he speaks normally! That takes some!

Such a pity that Jyothika has decided to quit just as she was greasing some maturity into her act. Aradhana is certainly a success at characterisation and here, you see a Jo who is not chirpy and jumpy, but rather on the other side of the spectrum: sad, thoughtful, even grim at times.

Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu is indeed a well-curved movie, the editing is good, it's left the right amount of flesh at the right places. The suspense is there, the thrill, the expectation and the romance. Almost perfect. And yet not so perfect.

This is where my quarrel with the movie happens. I do not agree with the depiction of extreme violence. This is where the issue of responsible film-making is key: Is it justified to show extreme violence in order to negate it? And I'm sure you'll agree with me that watching a man's head split in two, another's neck twisted out of place, a person buried alive, rather crude rape scenes and listening to abusive dialogue constantly is not worthy of a censor's U/A certification. It is certainly not a movie you'd want your kids to see.

Which is such a pity actually, because, like I already said, it has taken movie making to another level in Kollywood.



Blogger Inder said...

haha... kamal's peter act... that is right.

in the movie, kamal's trip to the US of A and all gave him every opportunity to put on his peter-act... in a mega scale. thankfully, he didn't do it much :P

8:21 pm

Blogger blogSurya said...

Yes, Kamal was indeed not needed in this movie,Because here he was not asked to act but only to cast. Prakash Raj was wasted. Jo has done a neat and matured cast.

I guess Goutham has the habit of using the same faces in different roles, not good for him and audience.

Songs are good.yes,Can be appreciated with reservations as you mentioned.

12:35 am

Blogger sanchapanzo said...

till i reached the last-but-one paragraph was seriously wondering "how could someone like this movie?"

12:47 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Incidentally this is the first movie which I saw first show on the day of release, thanks to complimentary tickets and must say it was worth it. Different and interesting.

9:49 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the movie Ramya...and didnt like it a whole lot...even though K and I f-fwed all the fights, the violence, the murder...yet, I still found it gross! And my daughter simply couldnt sleep, cos she said she could hear somebody cry in a way she didnt like! And she didnt even see a single visual in the movie (we dont encourage her to watch such stuff, and she anyway doesnt even watch Walt Disney, so thankfully I dont have a problem there...) But seriously, if some one has given this movie U/A, he needs to get his/her head tested....gruesome!
Why cant movies just make you laugh?

5:35 pm

Blogger None said...


YES! and i'm so impressed! :) as u are i'm sure!


the casting of the villains, i don't kno if it was meant to be, was weak. menon's friends, eh?


we save the best for the last! :)


1st day 1st show! wow! i just did that once for an ajit movie, citizen and regretted it for life! :) of course, if ur talking about previews, yeah, 've done a bit of that...


indeed, why can't it? has lasya recovered?!


9:27 pm

Anonymous drragonn said...

::> First of all our ulaga nayagans reflex is not fast..someone cud have replaced

::> Second appreciate menon for taking up something different rather than running around trees full of songs..brave attempt

::> Third not every other movie can be taken keeping in view of children..there shud be some line for them...thats where certification comes..

12:51 pm

Anonymous Ramki said...

I too a fan of Kamal watched a Tamil movie after a long time.I went to movie with such an expectations. But it turned out to be a crappy movie. I didn't expect such an opening from the director of Khakha Khakha. I am wondering how someone would praise this movie.

8:59 pm


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