Monday, October 02, 2006

Two years and all that...

That's another year that I've let go by without acknowledgement. Another blogging year and now, there's two of them. Two years since I started blogging, marked by a certain amount of prolificity (?!), some industry, much lazing around, some censorship, a break and such.
I'm not very keen on this anniversary thing, but since I did happen to notice today that it's actually the third September from when I first put post to Blogger, I might as well mention it. Noting as it were, the first birthday went by without as much a celestial whimper.
Anyways, thanks for coming by, those who do. For reading and commenting. It's not much for us humans, yes, but two years is a long while in internet time!
I guess i'm surprised I'm still here, and perhaps more so that you are too! :)



Blogger Jay said...

Oh wow - not only am I here, I'm the first one here! Happy 2nd Blogday, girl.

And now go kick that cold in the arse.

1:21 pm

Blogger fat waif said...

hey babe, happy bloggerday! sounds like you are not very well. please take good care of you health. i just handing in my dissertation, for better or worse...i havent slept in 48 hours and suddenly im not a student anymore!
take care, thinking of you,
much love

1:12 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Belated though but my best wishes to your blog for many more happier returns of the day. I still remember the Cinderella Pavadai post which attracted me to your blog.

And let me tell you, it only looks two years younger today. More vibrant and more spirited as ever.

10:15 am

Blogger Mahadevan said...

Why a celestial whimper? I was expecting a big bang. I hope and wish, you continue to blog for ages hence.

I find a strange semblance to Addison and Steel in your style. Perhaps a 'Sir Roger De Coverley' may emerge out of your 'ordinary life'.

11:53 am

Blogger avronea said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to many more!

1:13 pm

Blogger None said...


hey, what does that make you? ADAM?! :)


wow! that is so cool! i mean, submitting thesis. footloose and fancy free henceforth? :) do tell when ur down here...


same time two years ago, that paavadai post. in fact, there is one of those fancy paavadais being advertised now and it kind of brought back memories of the post! :)


roger de coverley?! phew! what a task!but addison and steele, it certainly is the first time someone's said that to me!


merci beaucoup!

6:58 pm

Blogger Ravages said...

Congrats Ramya. Great two years it's been (my feed reader says so)

7:26 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats and all that...
And keep blogging!

1:10 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two years Airucha? Solllaway illa. Appo yeppo retirement?? lol :P


8:21 am

Blogger Nanyaar? said...

Okay lemme stop being mean.

I'm really hoping that you'd add two more zero's to that 2, and enlighten us with your tales.

Yeah I've been hiding, you know why, the post cards.


8:30 am

Blogger None said...


my friend, thanks! btw, i have the autodriver in mind...


thanks and all that! :)so how was x'mas! ;)


s'o.k. u know about the postcards... i will not hold a gun to your head! chilll...will just appreciate it if you do send me! you must be busy, i'm sure, it's not easy to be a doc! :)
and yes, thankS!
how's wordpress vs blogger?


1:02 pm

Anonymous Dave Llorito said...

hi ramya: congrats on your anniversary. this sounds corny but i guess it really takes a lot of courage and energy to write blogs. may you have more blogging years to come!

2:35 pm

Blogger None said...

hey dave,

muchos gracias! and u too...


3:04 pm

Blogger How do we know said...

Happy second birthday!!!came to ur blog from google search!

9:47 pm

Blogger None said...

how do we know,

hey, thanks! god bless google!


9:59 pm

Anonymous Krishna Shankar said...

I've always enjoyed reading your blog - I particularly like the free flow of words (vibrant+peppy). Your write up on Padmini in "The Hindu" was very good. Congratulations on the second b'day!
Krishna Shankar

12:26 pm

Blogger None said...

Krishna Shankar,

Thank you very much! You have made my day!


1:41 pm

Blogger Kaps said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Do we call you a toddler now?

2:48 pm

Anonymous drragonn said...

/\... NIce
Keep growing old


3:25 pm

Blogger None said...


thanks. and who am i to dissent with the sambar mafia?! :)


come, grow old along with me, for after all, the best is yet to be! :)


12:59 pm

Blogger Karthik Narayan said...

wow... 2 years.. well done and keep it goin!

4:56 pm


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