Friday, October 27, 2006


New picture up on photoblog. An experiment in black and white. Even as I was chewing the lead off my pencil figuring out what to write, I have not been idle. Check out the new picture, while I go back to my frayed pencil...



Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Honoured to be the first to comment here. That was a nice pic. And would you like some help with stock of pencils.

12:46 pm

Blogger johnny boy said...

Hi... Long time yes, but i am back... Bigger n better, lol.. Hehe, wonder if u even remember me!

Comin to the post, the way u were mentioning 'pencil' I thought u must have sketched the pic urself (B&W supported my thoughts too!) hehhe.. Really nice pic. I truly agreee. Some pics are still, the best in Black n White! Its a different pleasure in itself..
When its black n white, you tend to pay more attention to the details in the pic. When its color, more attention is dedicated to the vibrance and the colors in itself. Waddya say? Jus my little thoughts...

4:30 pm


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