Saturday, December 23, 2006

The truth.

It is a very sobering thought to realise you mean nothing at all to a person who you've believed was a friend. A close friend.



Blogger anantha said...


11:14 am

Blogger SamY said...

its all about the way people make each other feel ... guess the person doesn't make you feel the same way as b4 ... or just shutting him/herself

be there for those who do care :)

7:58 pm

Blogger Suderman said...

yaaru antha droghi?

psst: i wished you happy budday on time. :D
i also promise to give you gift soon.
merry christmas ramaiyya!! and ive also wished you for christmas.

3:06 am

Blogger i, me and my bullet said...

what to do ramya..the one to be blamed is neither you nor the other person..its just the situation.I know how bad it feels to be in such a situation.

The worst situation is when you hear someone telling you that one of your trusted friends is badmouthing about you.

BTW, i have changed my job and this new one rocks.


12:23 am

Blogger Mahadevan said...

When we develop a relationship, we also build up an image and when we realise that the image built up is incongruous with reality, we are shattered.

Do we have a remedy ? Spiritual leaders and even Covey say that we have no control over events, but we certainly have control over our attitudes and reactions.

1:08 pm

Blogger Thenraj said...

ya true..Its very hard to even think when u r nothing to somebody who is very clost..its a very bad attitude..

7:01 pm

Blogger fat waif said...

hey ramya, :( who is this? well, hope you are still willing to be my friend, after i missed your birthday. sorry! happy belated birthday. how are you doing? hope you are welll... see you soon. much love

8:03 pm

Blogger None said...




yeah. i guesso. only it's difficult to handle just when it happens...


thambi, es, u wished me and i'm waiting for ur gift! :) any new responses to tflw?


hey, lovely about ur new job, what dya do now? any new pics?


that is hitting the nail on the head. as for the remedy, i guess time is. a healer.... thanks, appreciate the response.


o yeah, how u feel when u discover that is only to be experienced...

fat waif,

u'd be my friend evn when you dont want to be my friend, darling... :) when are you down?

4:44 pm

Blogger REFLEX said...

too bad. Last week I was in that state :(, few of my posts are related to this one. May be we are expecting too much from them or they don't deserve our Friendship.

5:47 pm

Blogger None said...


yeah, bad scene. but we get used to it, until we get hurt all over again! :(


1:35 pm

Anonymous shyam said...

wow, rums... that must be depressing for you. You can count on me, though :)

10:16 pm

Blogger None said...

aw shyam, much merci! :) i know that too...


3:56 pm

Blogger The Avenger !!! said...

BEEN THERE DONE THAT. i wont blame you either.

human beings are known to be finicky. what sounds best now, may come out as a PAIN later on.

move on, there are DEFINITELY others who are carving for your attention.

10:09 am

Blogger The Avenger !!! said...

never mind the sphelling mishtaks please :)

10:11 am

Blogger Yuva said...

welll... expectation.. source of all problems.. keep it low and you will be amazed, how much fun people are..

6:00 am


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