Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bill on a roll

Just so you get the general drift... Unlike last time, this time was hectic, the media behaved like a wild animal and one could hardly hear the man talk, leave alone ask him if his wife was going to be the next President of the US of A. If it is any consolation, my camera was working this time...



Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

I was just thinking, Clinton is here and Ramya is nowhere to be seen around. Here you are right on the spot.

10:55 am

Blogger SamY said...

what bout his mission? he was supposed to supervise tsunami relief stuff right? did he? or was he on vacation :D

12:14 pm

Blogger None said...


i was there. just that it was so boring... :P


he's just done with his mission- he serves as spl envoy for two years...so he was on a winding-up visit to india, thailand and indonesia...


12:19 am

Blogger kS said...

How come there were no matrix-type black suits with earphones around?

12:05 am

Blogger Shyam said...

Darnit, that man's good looking! Unlike the present Prez who's blood-related to the rodent world.

5:45 pm


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