Thursday, December 07, 2006

A few good/bad things

What kind of jerk would be so ungrammatical when he thinks he's dropping a smashing pick up line to a perfect stranger?!

hi 30 m che here like to be talk? 9840025710

Allright, when you average a creep-a-day, thanks to Orkut, you get into the ignore mode automatically. YET, when you have a single line and completely ungrammatical too, it's begging to be bandied about. And the phone number too! SO outre and how desperate you should be if you were to leave messages like this on my mailbox!
O and all those people who are hurrying to my comment box to say you think I'm being elitist, dry up. I'm going to delete the comments of anyone who is earthworm-enough to stand up for creeps like this.


Chandrachoodan, thank God his amnesia's selective, is a good and a clever man. YEah, he knows this, because I told him so this morning! :) When blogger acted up (opened up to a blank screen), he told me exactly what was wrong and set it right too! Thanks, buddy!


I've some pics of Malaysia on my photo blog for those who care to see. I went trigger-crazy again, so totally excited by the limestone caves at Batu, Malaysia.



Blogger sanchapanzo said...

yeah, me too noticed full-green canvas in your blog without any text at all. so, what was the problem and how did you resolve it ? sure it will be help when one day i wake up and see my blog has nothing but full-blue canvas :)

12:50 am

Blogger None said...

hey sancha,

some error with the html coding in the post. just redid it and it was fine! :)


12:51 pm

Blogger The Kid said...

but the burning question is: did you call that number ?


2:09 pm

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

'like to be talk'


Oh I think I'm going to contract an aneurism from laughing incessantly!

Such lau in that sentence..... its almost tragic.


7:50 am

Blogger Yuva said...

... may be he's not so desperate that's reason he is NOT thinking/innovating.._)

1:08 pm

Blogger Inder said...

orkut is full of weirdos...

4:34 pm

Blogger Kaps said...

Hi Ramya,
Read your Malaysia tourism article in The Hindu today. You had mentioned that Petronas Towers is the world's tallest building. I don't think Petronas is the tallest building anymore. Taipei 101 is the world's tallest structure now.

However, Petronas is still the world's tallest twin tower :-)

10:11 am

Blogger The Avenger !!! said...

haha that was hillarious. your 30 something new found friend sure could do with a class on " First Impressions: The Best Impression"

I bet you wont even ask your enemies to call that number :)

10:15 am


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