Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Of Feeling Ill

It's strange. When my throat feels as if it is being rubbed by the finest river-bed silicon, why is my mouth not tasting of sand, but of cardboard.? What is that you say... I can't hear very well, the sand seems to be in my ear too... :(

* * *
Unfaithfully, this time every year, I'm ill. Over the last two years, at least Jay was there to share the sorrow and tissue box with. But this time, it's just me. If you are also one of those weather-change-related-allergic person, and can commiserate with me, DO, DO talk.

* * *
Creativity is at its lowest ebb. All the sand and carboard in my system seems to be keeping inspiration away. Tch!



Blogger Thenraj said...

I think u need a Hot Cup of Chocolate Coffee with a room Warmer and woolen Blanket to counter attack these allergies..

Medicines are no use..they used to say for cold if u take medicine it will take 7 days to cure..with out the medicine it will take one week..

I am suffering from all these things thru out the year..what to do???

9:21 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Sand has become a very costly commodity nowadays, how can you afford to store it in your throat. Please spit it out, there will be lorries waiting outside your home.

I was told its the lack of warm fluids at this time that gives these allergies. Keep taking HOT drinks, whichever way you define it, will give you some solace.

10:14 am

Blogger SamY said...

I usually have a lingering sinus headache all january grrr ... and I dun need a weather-change for allergies ... just a trip down the road :) ... a wee bit of dust and i'd sneeze to glory :D

9:15 am

Blogger Mahadevan said...

Having been used to the oppressive 40 plus Celsius, when the Mercury dips below 30, body resists. Chilled water bath ( it may sound a little outrageous) would keep you fresh through out the day.

5:09 pm

Blogger Harish said...

"weather-change-related-allergic person"

neengaluma? :D same pinch..
nothing like a softy icecream to set it right :P

5:46 pm

Blogger None said...

many thanks for your commisserations... i'm kind of recovering i think. with a lot of drugs and some very hot liquid- water! :)

ei, harish, intha mathiri softy icecream saaptunu sollitu u thot u cd go on my ticket for G? athukkelam i'm too clever! :)


3:25 pm

Blogger frissko said...

hey ramya...long time...happy new year...so u still have your seasonal sickness intact eh..good to know some things dont change:)...

10:18 am

Blogger None said...


hey! how are u doing? such a surprise! are u on orkut?


5:18 pm

Blogger frissko said...

yep..long time...am good...how're u...and no, not on orkut...

6:40 pm


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