Monday, January 01, 2007

Kitsch, new year and a dictator

It was the most kitschy new year party ever! :) It was unbelievable, the theme was 'jungle' and the party was truly wild... the music, wilder... For the first time in my life I heard Eagles' Hotel California, playing with bhangra beats! After getting over the initial shock of an Eagles' purist, I think I quite enjoyed it! The DJ was brave, but he sure pulled it off!

* * *
It is a fact of life that where kitsch abounds, men will try to hit on women.

* * *

If there was one person who enjoyed the kitsch more than me, it could only be my visiting Belarussian mate, Maryna. She has had absolutely no exposure to this kind of music until three days ago. I know she loved it, it was different, but she had fun.

* * *

Sea-lover that I am, made bold this year to dip my feet into the chill waters of a night sea. Hmmm... creeps and garbage on the Marina's sands notwithstanding, it was truly enjoyable. The smell of the sea and its spray, its rowdy waves, for me at least, is heaven.

* * *
In the spirit of the season, Happy New YEar folks! I have a good feeling about this year... :) P'raps even a short tale! :)

* * *

It also strikes me that if you want to turn a mass murderer, dictator, despot into a hero overnight you might want to call George Dubya Bush at his Texas ranch for advice. He's the best you can get.



Blogger Shyam said...

Huh, and here I thought that if you want a mass murderer, dictator or despot masquerading as the saviour of the world, you should call on George Dubya Bush as he is the finest living example!

11:05 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

did anybody say short story?
I'm ALL ears!
Eppo Ramya?

4:14 am

Blogger hari said...

Hi Ramya,

Be it kitsh or anything else, you sure seemed to have had a nice new year eve outing.

As for the last paragraph of the post, both you and Shyam seem to be equally right.

10:30 am

Blogger Thenraj said...

Nice to heard u celebrated Newyear in style..

Tell me who is that stupid DJ who killed the beautiful song..

Ya true, Now saddam is the Hero when u see the video of the execution footage..

3:59 pm

Blogger Mahadevan said...

You are right. Sadam has become a martyr now. At the same time, none can deny that he was most secular among all Middle east despots and had friendliest relations with India.

5:41 pm

Blogger None said...


yeah that too, but that makes him seem actually intelligent! :)


hey, soon! :)


happy new year! let's meet over alu bonda n discuss sadam...


and how was ur new year?!


a secular sadam. seriously, i have not thought him as such, so far, at least...


5:14 pm

Blogger kS said...

Until the CPA (coalition provisional authority) abolished it, the Iraqi constitution under Saddam was the only secular constitution in the Middle East. The CPA replaced it (after much begging, pleading and bargaining) with a constitution that is fundamentalist and sectarian. Granted that in the land of blind, Cyclops could have been king. But it was true nonetheless.

11:46 pm

Blogger Thenraj said...


My New year, hmm it went really and my friends went to a restaurant called mainland china in bangalore enjoyed till 1am in the morning. later in the day got up late as usual went to a restaurant called Sue's food place which is a Caribbean cuisine had a nice newyear feast..came back again went like that.hmm..thats the fine way to enjoy a holiday..right??

9:48 am

Blogger None said...


when you think the shiahs are your biggest enemy, i guess the tendency is to be lenient to other religions... classic case of king solomon's parallel lines...
but, yes, for whatever it is worth...
certainly, i have no quarrel with anyone who believes the CPA (a.k.a george bush) a bigger thug/despot...


seems like a lot of fun! :)


9:13 pm

Blogger Mukund said...

a very happy new year to you, ramya! and seems like you had lots of fun! btw, the write up on malaysia was really good! have added batu caves to my list of "must see" places :)

12:06 am

Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

Ohhh, your jungle party sounds like a lot of fun!

All I did was get extremely sloshed with a bunch of friends and we gorged on bad Chinese food which made me sick afterwards.


My sniffles aside, I wish you a very appy noo year!


1:19 am

Blogger None said...


hey, thanks! wish you a good year and batu caves too! :)

hey meg,

aw, po u. at least u should've been given good chinese food! :) have a great year, pal!


6:19 pm


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